About Us

Walker’s Legacy equips entrepreneurial Black and Brown women with the tools to level up their businesses while leveling the business playing field. We offer our global community a welcoming, authentic, and supportive space to learn, grow, and succeed through highly-customized programming and educational content.


“When black and brown women start businesses, we start it with an inherent understanding that we are the disrupters; we are the generational legacy builders, and for many of us, we are the first to do that.”
— Samantha Abrams, CEO & Managing Director





Culture Shifting

Meet the Team

Samantha Abrams

CEO & Managing Director

Adia Dightman

Program Manager
National Entrepreneurship Programs

Brittaney Wells

City Director
Rochester, New York

Carlisha Harris

Program Coordinator, Alabama MBDA Business Center Operated by Walker’s Legacy

Carol Winston

Sr. Director
People and Compliance

Emile Bryant

Business Advisor, Alabama MBDA Business Center Operated by Walker’s Legacy

Natalie Cofield

Founder & Strategic Advisor

Shavon Smith

Legal Counsel & Trustee

Capital Ready Coalition