Joyce Reed

Joyce Reed is the founder of Hurt 2 Heal Inc. which is an organization that offers a voice for individuals impacted by all forms of abuse. Her mission is to renew awareness and support the healing and restoration process of individuals impacted by abuse, by providing the necessary resources and tools needed to promote individuals and family healing. Joyce is also an author of “Hurt Used To Live Here”. Joyce stop being ashamed and embarrassed of what people thought of her and realized that her life was bigger than her and she had a purpose. So who else better to tell her story, but her? At this point in her life she has so many things, both good and positive. She is courageous, she is bold, she is strength, she is a fighter, she is a believer, she is a mother, she is a winner, she is funny, she is ambitious, she is brave and she is a child of GOD! Joyce also shares her passion in the community and being the voice for the voiceless. She has a movement called #iamurvoice and it allows men and women the opportunity to speak their truth and not be ashamed about their past struggles. Everyone has a story but not everyone has the courage to speak out about it.


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