#BEENBOSS Green: Five Women of Color Championing Environmental Equity

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#BEENBOSS Green: Five Women of Color Championing Environmental Equity
Chancee Lundy, Founder of Nspire Green

Meet Chancee Lundy, Founder NSpire Green Chanceé is a community conscious engineer. This Selma, Alabama native uses her passion for eradicating inequities as fuel to provide technical competence and adept communication on environmental and transportation projects. As Co-owner and Principal of Nspiregreen, she is responsible for the management of environmental projects such as stormwater, energy, environmental policy, solid waste, air quality, and sustainability planning. She has been recognized as one of Ebony Magazine’s 30 Leaders of the Future and one of the Top 100 Most Important Blacks in Technology by US Black Engineer. Chanceé is a former National Chairperson of the National Society of Black Engineers.

#BEENBOSS Green: Five Women of Color Championing Environmental Equity
Kerene Tayloe, Policy Director at Green for All

Meet Kerene N. Taylor Esq, Policy Director at Green for All. Kerene N. Tayloe Esq. is a social justice advocate who has worked tirelessly in the area of Environmental Justice, Civil Rights, and voter protection. Kerene is driven by the desire to ensure that the needs of communities of color are not overlooked. She has worked in many political arenas but is most proud of helping to elect New York State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, the first African American to represent the city of Yonkers in the State Senate and the first woman in New York State history to lead a conference in Albany, NY. Kerene comes to Green For All from WE ACT for Environmental Justice and where she coordinated the Environmental Justice Leadership Forum on Climate Change. Before that she was a legal fellow engaging in voting rights initiatives at the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. She is a fitness enthusiast, a practicing yogi, and a burgeoning comedian.

#BEENBOSS Green: Five Women of Color Championing Environmental Equity
Adrienne Cooper, Director at Defend our Future

Adrienne Cooper, Director at Defend our Future An Ohio native, Adrienne Cooper is the Director of Defend Our Future, a program of the Environmental Defense Fund aimed at bringing new voices to the fight against climate change. Prior to joining Defend, she served on the Democratic Convention Contract Negotiating team and as the Deputy Director for Voter Expansion at the Democratic National Committee, as the Deputy Director for Intergovernmental Affairs at the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Committee, the Midwest Regional Political Director at the 2012 Democratic National Convention Committee in Charlotte, North Carolina and the Deputy Director of Member Communications at the AFL-CIO. Adrienne was the Online Marketing Director for the record-setting finance team of the 2008 Obama for America campaign and served in the Obama Administration as a Congressional Relations Liaison at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Originally from Cincinnati, OH, she graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science an a minor in Women's Studies.

#BEENBOSS Green: Five Women of Color Championing Environmental Equity
Amanda Aguirre, Executive Vice President & COO of GreenLatinos

Meet Amanda Aguirre, Executive Vice President & COO of Green Latinos. Amanda has built a career that spans high-level national community organizing, coalition building, policy advocacy, political campaigns, and grassroots organizing. Amanda has experience in policy and public engagement at the White House and EPA, most recently serving the Director of Public Engagement at the Climate Action Campaign, and prior to that served as EPA’s Acting Director of Public Engagement and Environmental Education in the Obama Administration. Through her work with local and national Latino groups, federal agencies, state and local government, and advocacy organizations she comes with a wealth of expertise and strong personal commitment to serve the GreenLatinos membership. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Houston, Amanda currently lives in Washington, DC with her husband. She earned a BA from the University of Texas at Austin.

#BEENBOSS Green: Five Women of Color Championing Environmental Equity
Michelle Mabson, Director of Advocacy for Black Millennials for Flint

Meet Michelle Mabson a Staff Scientist for the Healthy Communities program at Earth Justice and Director of Strategic Alliances at Black Millennials 4 Flint. Prior to joining Earthjustice, Michelle worked in the Office of Children’s Health Protection at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where she served as an Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Fellow. Michelle received a dual Master’s of Public Health & Master’s of Science from the University of Michigan, and a biology degree from Howard University. While at UM, she also earned a graduate certificate in risk science and human health and served as a graduate student instructor teaching the principles of environmental justice. Michelle’s research experience has taken her to Morelos, Mexico, and Mumbai, India, among other places, to address issues ranging from children’s environmental health to sediment changes in the East Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Studies have shown that communities of color and low-income communities are far more vulnerable to the negative impacts of environmental negligence.

At Walker’s Legacy, we understand the interconnectivity of environmental reform through clean air, water and community advocacy on economic outcomes such as healthcare costs, health equity, economic development and economic opportunities. We have to look no further than the water conditions in Flint, air quality issues in Los Angeles, development in Standing Rock or the urban blight of Baltimore.

As a platform that elevates professional and enterprising women, we know that everyday multicultural women are on the front lines of the green and environmental reform desperately needed by our communities.

That is why, in recognition of Earth Day, we are proud to celebrate women like Adrienne Cooper, Director at Defend our Future; Michelle Mabson, Director of Advocacy for Black Millennials for Flint, Chancee Lundy, Founder of Nspire Green; Kerene Tayloe, Policy Director at Green for All; and Amanda Aguirre, Executive Vice President & COO of GreenLatinos who work tirelessly to push the needle on environmental change.

As part of our #BEENBOSS campaign, we will be releasing featured profiles and videos of their experiences as leaders in this movement.

Why? Because every day should be Earth Day…

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