3 Myths About The Freelance Life

For those in the 9-to-5 world, few things seem as alluring as the freelance lifestyle. “If only I could set my own work schedule,” we dream wistfully as we stare at the clock until it’s time to go home. However, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side! Here are 3 myths about the freelance life, helpfully debunked by a full-time freelancer.

Myth #:1:  Since you get to set your own schedule, you must have so much more time!

False. What with traveling between client meetings, and just generally managing life, I often feel like I have less time than when I used to work in an office all day. Sure it’s great to choose my coffee shop home for the day, and I appreciate the increased opportunities to get up and move around DC throughout the day for client meetings, but collectively, all that travel time eats into time I could be sitting down and focusing on the work.

Myth #2: You get to wear pajamas all day long.

Also false. Though it’s technically possible, one of the first pieces of advice when I started freelancing was to set a schedule. It’s actually hugely important for people who work from home to get dressed in the morning and head out the door to your chosen “office” for the day, whether that’s a coworking space or your local coffee shop. And those places generally require wearing pants.

Myth #3: But you have a flexible schedule! That means you can go anywhere and do anything! Right?

True! Flexibility is definitely a double-edged sword. I find that because of my flexible schedule, I have to be much more disciplined with my time. This means thinking carefully about what I say yes to, and sometimes setting aside blocks of time in my calendar where I’m unavailable so I can sit down and truly focus on doing the work.

Are you a freelancer or do you work from home? What other myths have you had to debunk? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Mehron Price


Mehron Price is the Founder of Grants on a Mission, LLC. For more information, visit www.grantsonamission.com.

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