3 Reasons Your National Tour Lacks Focus

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When you begin planning your national tour you should always begin with a clear and concise focus that compliments your business mission.

As you plan your first tour you may receive mix feedback through initial surveys you are taking. Not mix in the sense of negative reviews but mix in the sense everyone has a different perspective of the focus of your tour. This is why you should know the purpose of your tour and how it will be a solution to their problem.

3 reasons your national tour lacks focus:

1) What service or product do you provide? If you can’t answer this question, you are not ready to host a tour. Your tour should be an extension of what you want to be known for or already known for providing to the marketplace. People come to you to solve their problem. How can your tour solve their problem? People pay for solutions not useless events.

2) What are you an “expert” on? Your reputation should already let people know the answer to this question. The focus of your tour should showcase your expertise on your particular topic. Doing research and soliciting feedback helps you know if your expertise is something people will actually invest in.

3) What is your budget? We discussed this last month. A budget is a vital component of planning a successful tour. Without having a budget in place it can impair the focus of your tour especially if you’re counting on making a nice return on your investment. The main thing to do is focus on where you need to allocate funds and where your revenue will come from. If funds are limited, then turn your creativity on. Limited funds allow you to really think outside of the box and create an experience like no other tour.

These are just three reasons your tour may lack focus. Answering these questions in detail will help make your focus crystal clear. Your goal is to keep the focus of your tour aligned with the purpose of your business. Remember to stay focused on your mission and not to deviate just to make money.

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