5 Fashion Phenoms to Add to Your Fashion Inspiration

5 Fashion Phenoms to Add to Your Fashion Inspiration

There are so many women of color who are embodying the spirit of fashion, creativity and entrepreneurship. In honor of Black History Month I wanted to highlight some modern day fashion phenoms. Fashion is more than just about looking good and staying in touch with the newest trends, it is about culture, entrepreneurship and creativity.Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • June Ambrose. Ms. Ambrose is a celebrity stylist, fashion TV staple, loving mom and entrepreneur; she does it all in 5 inch stilettos. If you are looking for some style inspiration check out her website, Juniverse.
  • Tracy Reese. She is one the most fun and unique fashion designers out there. Please add her to your wardrobe inspirations. Browse her styles here.
  • Kimberly Goldson. Some of you may know her from Season 9 of Project Runway, but this fashionista is one to watch on and off the screen. She has a fun and classic collection that you should be sure buy. Check her out here.
  • Carmencita Whonder. She is changing fashion landscape for women sizes 12-24 with her line Of Whonder. Her styles are perfect for a luxury splurge. Check out her collection here.
  • Deidre Jeffries. If you are looking for a modern edgy style, look no further than Jeffries’ new line Espion. She is blazing trails in fashion and is a must for the true fashionista’s collection. Make sure to look at some of her latest apparel here.

Also if you want to learn more about women of color in fashion, make sure to check out the Black Retail Action Group, a wealth of resources for future fashion entrepreneurs. Hopefully, I will be writing about you in my next post.


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