5 Industry Trends to Boost Your Business Growth

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Whether you’re preparing to hire an additional member or preparing for a business accelerator such as PROSPECTUS, here are five trends to ensure your business is thriving:

  1. Avoid doing it all at once—single-taskYes, you’re powerful and capable of many accomplishments–however, multi-tasking isn’t included. Despite the myth, you’re most productive doing more at once, greater efficiency results completing tasks individually. Additionally, invest in task-management tools to assist in tracking progress
  2. Control interruptionsEndless distractions result in work delays. However, instead of being surprised by these interruptions, Forbes suggests to instead plan ahead: “You know they’re going to happen so work that into your equation. When establishing timelines, negotiating deadlines, or simply outlining your day, recognize that you’ll probably be thrown off course a few times. Give yourself a little leeway here and there to allow for it. If you schedule yourself so tight that you have no wiggle room, the tiniest interruption will throw a wrench into everything.”
  3. Make meetings work for you:  Depending upon your company culture, meetings will vary in frequency and length. Holding short, daily meetings eliminates the need for a lengthy, weekly meeting. Utilize 10 minutes per day to update team members on new developments and to reiterate the purpose of the day. If daily meetings aren’t appropriate for you, daily communication between team members with apps such as Asana and Slack, can assist in eliminating communication issues. Find what works best for you!
  4. Assess business costsAnalyze your expenses to determine fixed and variable costs. If possible, determine if you’re able to switch any expenses from fixed to variable costs. Additionally, if you’re willing to incur an immediate cost with long-term benefit consider automating tasks. Overall, ensure you’re always carefully watching your finances.
  5. Be present: Never-ending to-do lists and thoughts of future growth can create excitement or feelings of being overwhelmed. Instead, be present and focus on today’s tasks with intention.

Business growth is continuous, fluctuating process—choose to work smarter with these trends in mind!

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