5 Negotiation Tips for the Smart Dealmaker

Does the thought of negotiating what you want make you want to run for cover? Many times, we have to stand up and be our own advocates. Whether it’s negotiating a salary, contract, or where to go to brunch with your girls next weekend, here are 5 tips to help you become a smart dealmaker who gets exactly what she wants:

Know Exactly What You Want

Before you enter any negotiation, take a minute to outline what you want to get out of it. And I mean exactly what you want! When you start the process, don’t get offended if someone offers you way less than you want. And don’t give it away if someone offers more than you expected. Either way, keep your cool and remember that you are just in the beginning stages of a negotiation. Nothing is final yet.

Know What Your Walk Away Point Is

The secret to any negotiation is to know when it’s time to say no. If you’re too desperate to seal the deal, it will be obvious. Remember that there’s always another project, client, or deal – but there’s only one you! If you get to a point where you’ve done your best and the deal doesn’t work out, keep it moving.

Be Flexible On What Is Less Important To You

Just like you need to know when to walk away, you need to know when it’s okay to compromise. The saying, “You can’t win ‘em all” holds true here! Remember that you’re looking to make an overall deal, not get every single item on your ideal wishlist. If there are things that will help you get your way that you can let go of, consider being flexible on certain aspects of the deal. However, don’t compromise away too much. You want to end up with a deal you’ll be happy with.

Genuinely Listen To Counteroffers

Whether it’s additional benefits to make up for a less-than-desirable salary, or access to email lists to generate new client leads from an event, be willing to listen to the full extent of the proposed offer. You might realize that the deal is worth more than you thought holistically.

Make sure you consider the value of what’s being offered and use that to decide if accepting the deal is worth it to you.

Seal The Deal!

Everyone should leave the negotiation with a clear sense of where the discussion has landed. If things are still unclear or ambiguous, you’re not done negotiating. Make sure both parties walk away from the meeting crystal clear on whether or not you’ll be moving forward, and if so, under what terms. You got this!

Have you negotiated a complicated situation before? What helped you navigate it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Mehron Price


Mehron Price is the Founder of Grants on a Mission, LLC. For more information, visit www.grantsonamission.com.

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