5 Quick Tips to Take Your Web Presence to the Next Level

In today’s global economy, your company’s online presence is more important than ever. That’s because the pendulum has swung to online purchasing, with 51% of Americans preferring online shopping to traditional retail stores (BigCommerce.com). In fact, BigCommerce e-commerce trends demonstrate that 80% of Americans made online purchases in the past month alone, with 59% of millennials, our next generation of big spenders, making their purchases from the comfort of their comforter. That’s right, in bed.

With these trends in mind, it’s clear that having an engaging, impactful web presence is important, even for your brick and mortar business. In order to keep up with online demand, even traditional brick and mortar businesses continue to partner with online innovators to increase their reach and visibility. When a consumer or potential client goes online to learn about your business, are you excited about what they’ll find? If you’re not quite sure, here are five tips to uplevel your website so that viewers are more likely to stay, peruse, and ultimately reach out and connect!

Start with a clean, modern website:
Did you know that whether or not potential customers visiting your website trust your business may have more to do with your website design than with your actual content? Yes, people really do “judge a book by its cover”! In a study with over 2500 participants, the most common element participants noted in determining credibility was design. In fact 46.1 percent of the more than 2400 comments left focused on “Design Look” as a key component of a website’s credibility, while only 14.3% of comments focused on “Information Accuracy”. Specific elements participants weighed:
*White space
*Color schemes

But don’t go too far – in the same study, participants were skeptical of websites that were too “slick”. Read one comment, “It looks like it’s designed by a marketing team, and not by people who want to get you the information that you need.” So, start with a functional, beautiful site as the foundation for interesting, high-quality content.

Put down that cellphone!
Work with a professional to capture high quality, creative personal branding images aligned to your business brand and compelling for your target market. Your photographer should work with you to personalize your session, and help you plan a session that will address your business needs and captivate your ideal client! As an example, one of my clients, Lynn Selby, literally consults with governments around the country in one area of practice as well as regularly penning a fashion and lifestyle blog with a growing following. Her images need to reflect her varied business interests, as highlighted in this video.

Make your value proposition early, clear and succinct:
What problem are you solving? For whom? From your landing page, tell potential clients or customers what they can expect from working with you. What is the experience? How are you different than your nearest competitor? Try not to focus on price, but value. If your cost is higher than your nearest competitors, be even more explicit about the quality of service or product clients will receive by choosing you. Don’t overwhelm with too much information, though. Brief is better!

Brag a bit. Let clients brag on you:
Start with the experience you provide, move on to the impact you leave. Use video or written testimonials to share both the experience of working with you and the impact of your work. Add visuals such as colorful charts to quickly show facts and figures related to you work.

Keep content updated regularly:
This last tip may seem unworthy of mention, but when you get busy doing the work it can be a challenge to remember to keep talking about the work you’re currently doing! Schedule regular time on your calendar to do quick updates to your page. How often you should consider updating depends on various factors. It may be adding that new client testimonial, posting images from your latest event, or writing a regular blog, but regular updates ensure potential clients and customers know your business is vibrant and thriving.

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