5 Reasons To Apply To Be A City Director


Being a part of the next Walker’s Legacy City Director Cohort will CHANGE your life and your COMMUNITY!

Applications close today October 31, 2019.


Still not convinced? Here’s five reasons why you should apply to be a City Director with Walker’s Legacy:

  1. Community — Connect with the Fastest Growing Entrepreneurial and Professional Segment in the Nation: Multicultural Women! Our growing network boasts women of Walker’s Legacy in technology, politics, entrepreneurship, and media among others.
  2. Impact — Align yourself and your community with a Growing Global Women’s Empowerment Movement! Our platform exists to inspire, equip, and engage Multicultural Women with thought-provoking content, dynamic events, and educational programming.
  3. Access — Networking during our events provide attendees with access to opportunities and influencers. This fosters mentorship and an environment of support.
  4. Resources — Walker’s Legacy programs provide in-person discussions and panels featuring pertinent professional advice and personal insights on success in career and entrepreneurship.
  5. Exposure — Walker’s Legacy is the leading organization that recognizes the achievements of notable multicultural business and community leaders —women who thrive in an array of industries including social entrepreneurship, business, technology, media, and real estate.

Applications are open and close on October 31, 2019.


Being a member of Walker’s Legacy and a City Director provides you access to Diverse Industry Leaders and Influencers, Educational Content and Information, Access to Networks and Mentoring, + Discounts and Perks!

We hope that you will consider applying for our next cohort of City Directors and encourage other amazing multicultural #BossLadies that you know to apply, too!

Walker's Legacy

Walker’s Legacy is a digital platform for the professional and entrepreneurial multicultural woman and exists to inspire, equip, and engage through thought-provoking content, educational programming, and a global community.

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