5 Ways to Make that Money, Honey!

by Teri Harrison / Teri@tnbusinesslawcenter.com [space]

You don’t need years of experience or a bunch of letters behind your name in order to get paid!  All you need is know-how, the ability to do something and do it well.  Take a look at these 5 easy ways to leverage your expertise, gain exposure, and increase your income. [space]

Open Your Mouth.  There’s no better way to showcase your know how than by talking about it. Speaking is a fantastic way to boost your income. Did you know professional speakers could earn over a million dollars a year? Donald Triumph earns $1.5 million dollars an hour, just to speak. Obviously celebrity has its perks but even newbie speakers are earning $500.00 an hour, so why shouldn’t you? [space]

  • Teach What You Know.  The world is one big classroom, isn’t it?  It’s amazing how much we learn from other people.  It’s also amazing what others can learn from you.  You’re the expert remember, and experts can use their knowledge to teach others. Don’t limit yourself to traditional classrooms. Host virtual courses and webinars. These options require little investment but could yield great returns.
  • Pick Up Your Phone.  Another hot money making trend is tele-seminars. These are seminars conducted over the phone where you provide content for a fee.  It’s a super convenient scenario for your target demographic. Just provide the conference number and a code to your participants. Even better, most conferencing services are free.
  • Be “Product”-ive.  Products Ladies, products! Products are great selling tools because they generate residual income. That means you do the work one time, but it earns income over and over again. Did you know you could self-publish an e-book for less than $300.00, use a lap top and a microphone to create MP3’s or use your smart phone/tablet to create videos? Start creating products now!
  • Collaborate With Others.  In the business world, teamwork can definitely pay off.  Many experts are collaborating with others to build affiliate relationships. Affiliate agreements allow you to earn commissions by promoting another expert’s products. This type of relationship can be very profitable.  Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon.com, began harnessing the profits of affiliate relationships and his efforts have been hailed one of the most genius internet marketing strategies around.  So if you can’t beat them, join them.  Start networking and join forces to build your income.

Remember, there’s an expert in all of us. Use these tips to leverage your expertise and add some cash to your stash!

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