7 Ways to Combat Work-related Stress

In the past couple of years, women of color in business have been doing exceptionally well. According to 2015 State of Women Owned Businesses Report commissioned by American Express Open, women now own 30% of business in the U.S. accounting for 9.4 million firms. And African American women are in control of 14% of those companies, which is an estimated 1.3 million businesses.

Our lives as women are getting fuller by the hour with more opportunities, projects, meetings, and invitations. I am constantly inspired, by ambitious women, who want more for themselves and the world. Women have an unmatched drive and are yielding many accomplishments, yet are left feeling pressured and overwhelmed. Yes – we have learned to go hard or go home and so we push through but it has left us lacking the deep, sustainable satisfaction we crave for.

So we fight our stress by complaining and trying to fit everything into our days while attempting to create the personal time that we yearn for. However, the freedom and space that we crave doesn’t come by way of fighting for time, but by being in a flow. The only way to be in a flow is by centering ourselves in wellness.

Below are ways to practice wellness to create a flow, and create the time necessary to care for yourself:

1. AM Thought Smiling

Every morning as soon as you wake up think about and visualize something that makes you smile. The key to this as soon as you wake up, open your eyes to a brand new day think about something that brings a smile to your face! I promise this does wonders on how you approach your day.

2. Mini Meditation

For 2 to 5 minutes in your day do a mini meditation. This could be walking outside for some fresh air, sitting at your desk with your eyes closed while taking deep breaths.

3. Romance Your Work

When you are at home and working late or very early in the morning, romance your workflow. Light up some candles, put on some chill music and release that rigid intensity that is disguised as getting things done.

4. Don’t spaz out!

When you get overwhelmed and you start to spaz out, you are telling your mind and body that you can’t handle anything. When that happens our body shuts down and shuts things out, this includes allies, support, creativity and opportunities that will help you find a better way.

5. Create, Collect, Care

Get creative in how you manage your time! Be curious and explore ways you can utilize creativity to bring order to your life. Getting creative can help you find solutions to your work/life challenges.

6. Collect Help!

Ask for help, advice, research services that support you in the ways you need it. It takes a village doesn’t just end at childhood it continues throughout your lifetime.

7. Care for yourself!

The most important thing you can do is know when to say no to deadlines, appointments, projects, new ideas all for the sake of your wellness. Don’t compromise this for anything.

Lets not get stuck in in the cycle of achievement at the cost of our true satisfaction and fulfillment. Let’s usher in a new era of women’s leadership by taking care of ourselves through practicing wellness as a lifestyle. By doing this we put ourselves in the perfect position to intersect ease and ambition where life and work can grow in beautiful ways.

Be well, creating your legacy!



Toni Jones

Wellness Strategist | Thought Educator

Toni Jones is a wellness strategist, a speaker, womanist and thought educator dedicated to empowering women to educate, embrace and heal their total womanhood. After a traumatic divorce, 14 years of experience in the fashion industry as a personal stylist and image consultant, Toni experienced a career and personal identity crisis, which led her into a self-discovery process to find her purposeful path. She completed school and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Psychology, where she fell in love with the study of the mind. Through her process of self-discovery, she transitioned from being an expert in external self-maintenance to a specialist in internal self-maintenance, to being a “wife” in a marriage to a “wife” in her womanhood. Toni made it her mission to educate women on how they too can discover, heal and expand their womanhood in wellness. In 2014, she launched her blog WIFE Comma, WIFE, an acronym standing for womanhood in full empowerment. Through her blogging, she gained attention and opportunities to service women. Toni serviced empowerment programs like Girls Who Code and AKA INC. Pearls. Giving keynotes and programming for The Powerful Women's organization, Women of Color Task Force held at University of Michigan and for a range of other women audiences. In 2015, she expanded her blog to a wellness brand where she provides programming and services that promote spiritual literacy, ancient understandings of womanhood, radical self love practices, mindset and lifestyle wellness. Toni's signature program "Dimensional Womanhood" supports and educates women of their whole self as being a healthy spirit first, a human second, and a female third. Toni believes the new era of women leadership is being ushered in through women's wellness. When she isn't working, you can find her at one of her favorite places to be...Trader Joes grocery store, walking in 5 inch heels.

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