Accessories Worth The Splurge

What do you consider to be an accessory? Your purse…shoes…undies…jewelry? Well they’re all accessories (let’s not forget about headwear, hosiery, and tech peripherals among others) and one of the things I try to hammer home to my readers and client alike is that while clothing works as the bricks of any outfit or look, it’s the accessories that function as the mortar – bringing and keeping the outfit together.

Don’t plan on ‘blowing the bank‘ just on your best suit or fabulous white button down because you’ll find yourself missing the big bang you want. So the question becomes, which accessories do I need and which accessories do I splurge on? I’ve narrowed the playing field down to three items that every professional woman needs to have and needs to truly “invest” in to bring the WOW factor:

  1. Classic black/dark clutch
  2. Classic watch
  3. Metallic heel

For some, the guidance is enough but for others, here’s a bit more insight into the why and a few of my favorites…

  1. The classic black/dark clutch is the workhorse of your daytime life but functions as your go-to for transitioning to evening as well.
  2. Don’t rely on your smartphone because there will be instances where pulling it out are not appropriate, or can possibly be construed as rude. While you may want to do a metal band, the classic black or luggage tone leather band is the right answer to remain classic. Check the taxonomy of timepieces and channel one for your must-have accessory: classic casual, edgy femme, lady luxe, or understated chic (I’m understated chic all day…).
  3. You’re an adult and as such, you’ll find occasion to dress up! The metallic heel is a muted gold or platinum tone will take you from a fancy dinner to a red carpet-worthy event without any fuss. It’s your time to shine – just think “sparkle” instead of outright “shine”.

 ferragamo metallic heels

alice + olivia dina pumps

larsson + jennings watch

mougin + piquard watch

black crocodile clutch

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