Afghan TV Station Changes the Way the World Sees Women

The response from Afghan women has been overwhelming, and so many girls aspire to work for Zan TV. While they are striving for an all female staff, it has proven to be difficult because under Taliban rule, women were banned from working. Women are taking deliberate steps towards rebuilding their skills, and Zan TV is supporting them every step of the way.

Some newscasters have experienced threats and discouragement from disapproving family members, yet they still remain strong. The women involved know how important it is to give the women in their community a voice, and that a network dedicated to women’s issues is vital.

Senior Editor Hosnia Mohaqiq shared, “Zan TV gives women and girls hope and encouragement, and when people with such motivation work, they work very well.” Zan TV is definitely going to be a game changer and a huge step for women in the media everywhere.


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