Black Woman-Owned Patientory Raises $7.2 Million in 3 Days to Transform Healthcare

Written by Dayna Hood

Social Media has become of the greatest ways to stay engaged with the world around you. If you want to share your story with photos, you tap the Instagram icon on your phone. If you want to list your career journey for your colleagues and future employer to see, you log into LinkedIn.

What about healthcare?

In a culture where there is an app available for just about everything, it wasn’t long before an organization mastered an app that allows you to catalog your complete and most up to date medical history. Patientory, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a leading healthcare cyber security start-up does just that by using a blockchain distributed database. This allows Patientory to maintain a continuously growing list of records (or blocks), which is perfect for securely retaining medical records for patients and doctors alike.

The heartbeat of Patientory is Founder and CEO Chrissa Mcfarlane, a Wake Forest University School of Business graduate determined to transform healthcare delivery. She is innovative, experienced and knows how to build and maintain strong teams. It’s clear to see that she is already a force to be reckoned with.

patientoryThe absolutely best thing about this new addition to the healthcare world is that it is impossible to be hacked. Chrissa shared, “It’s virtually impossible for a cyber criminal to hack one block in the chain without simultaneously hacking every other block in the chain’s chronology,” McFarlane states, “This makes Patientory incredibly appealing to not only store a patient’s entire health history, but determining who should have access to it.” Knowing this puts patients and healthcare organizations at ease, because incredibly personal records will be kept safe and available for their eyes only. Another benefit is that the app creates a community for patients to communicate with those who have similar health issues. This additional layer creates a sense of belonging, which is what social platforms are all about.

Patientory currently has 1,728 investors and raised their funding goal (7.2 Million) in a mere three days. The organization will use these funds raised to launch their platform, and help patients and physicians change the way they see healthcare in a safe and effective way. To summarize, the mission is to reduce hospital readmissions by keeping patients engaged, offer impeccable security to users, and reduce overall health IT costs. Patientory is fueled by the most intelligent technology that makes patients’ lives easier and saves hospitals money by preventing Cyber attacks. In addition to all of that, it is quite empowering to know that this incredible startup all started in the heart of a powerful business woman with a dream.

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