Black Women Founders Bring Portable COVID-19 Screenings to Schools, Offices, Prisons, and More

COVID-19 Wreaks Havoc On The Black Community in The US

As of July 1st, the COVID-19 pandemic numbers in the US  have reached over 2.69 million confirmed cases with over 129,000 deaths. These numbers are growing rapidly across all 50 states and D.C. The most alarming information is that the worst has yet to come, with China experiencing a second wave, and the U.S. is still navigating the first. While states are reopening many fear what is to come. The CDC reports that Non-Hispanic Black Americans are 5 times more likely to become affected by COVID-19. This is due to a varying number of disparities Black Americans face such as living conditions, job/ work conditions, and barriers in healthcare that make it nearly impossible for Black Americans to receive equal treatment. About 33 percent of Black Americans know someone who has passed due to COVID-19. 

Black Women Founders Rescue Their Communities

When hope is low, the Black community always comes together to find solutions. That is the case for CEO Lynda M. Dorman and Carolyn E. Howell, President of Orange Wall Enterprises, two black women who have made it their mission to help prevent the rise of COVID-19 in the Black Community. Dorman and Howell have made history as the first Black women to sign a distribution and licensing deal for autonomous screening stations that recognize the initial symptoms of COVID-19. These stations, produced by Promobot, a Robotics and AI Technology company, are being installed in high traffic areas such as office buildings, prisons, schools, college campuses, healthcare facilities, places of worship, transportation stations, movie theaters, museums, or anywhere people gather. 

How Does This Work?

The Orange ThermoControl™ and Orange ThermoControl Plus™, powered by Promobot, are free-standing and offer a non-contact thermal temperature reader, camera, 21.5″ display, face recognition module, access control system module, advance notification system, built-in speakers for audio assistance, and customizable software integration. The stations provide a fast, convenient, contact-free process for measuring body temperature and allows communication between user and remote operator with privacy in mind. Telepresence mode is an advanced notification system able to integrate with a company’s CRM access control systems and satisfies ADA standards for accessible design.

“We are thrilled to be working with such a respected team of engineers and software developers to expand our company’s capability and assist in reducing the risk of the spread of the virus,” Stated Dorman, CEO of Orange Wall Enterprises.

Orange Wall Enterprises’ new innovations are exclusive distributors for innovative rapid antibody test kits that can determine whether or not a person has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus within minutes. With these two women behind this venture, the fall in the curve of COVID-19 may come sooner than expected.

To find out more information and learn about the amazing work this duo does within their company please visit

Isha Kamara

Isha is a Communications Intern at Walkers Legacy. She also owns her own brand Iced Out Cosmetics that launched in 2018, which she uses to uplift WOC and LGBT members by using makeup as a tool for diversity. Through Iced Out Cosmetics, Isha has been a member of UMD's Startup Shell Xi Batch, Terp Startup 2019 Cohort, and Do Good Spring Fellowship for Spring 2020.

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