Building Confidence in Entrepreneurship at an Early Age

On Thursday, April 28, 2016, millions of people and workplaces will participate in the national Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. While this program was initiated as an opportunity for children to get a glimpse of their parents’ professions and work environments, there are strong indications that these experiences can be a great time to teach and encourage confidence in developing entrepreneurial skills.

The NFIB’s Young Entrepreneur Foundation,  a leading advocate for small business owners, has collaborated with the 2016 Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day program because “they see it as a unique opportunity to bring entrepreneurship education to young people around the world.” When we plant seeds early by educating and incorporating life skills, it helps to increase confidence in their ability to see entrepreneurship as a goal.

In addition to education, we can help build the confidence in young minds by encouraging them to pinpoint their passions, talk about their interests and introduce them to people and experiences that focus on developing their talents and gifts. You should also allow your child to explore and respect their impulses to change their minds.  Some of the best experiences happen in  programs, workshops and events that give youth opportunities to interact with peers and entrepreneurs.

Bahiyah Shabazz, Wealth Expert and Founder of Brown Girls Do Invest
( says “understanding stocks, bonds  and mutual funds coincides with entrepreneurship because it builds confidence in making financial decisions on their own.” Her organization teaches girls twelve years and older how to invest and save. “They get excited when they see the money.”

Atlanta-based Wealth Coach, Kine Corder ( agrees and adds, “teaching financial literacy is a great way to build confidence in future business owners because they will already be ahead of the game when they learn to save, pay bills on time and build a high credit score.”

Sheila Agnew McCoy

Sheila L. Agnew McCoy is an entrepreneur, life coach, author and speaker, with an extensive background in event management and marketing. Sheila currently coaches and mentors women on business, career and personal development and recently launched 50 Plus - Connecting the Dots, a community connecting men and women over 50 with share worthy news and information around the world.

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