Detoxification is Key to a Healthy Body: Part 1

I’ve always heard of juicing, working out, Bikram Yoga, eating healthy as ways to detox your body. All of those are great but there are also other ways to help rid your body of toxins and to increase energy. I was introduced to these methods as I’m recovering from Lyme Disease and a couple of coinfections which is a bacterial infection caused by a tick bite and other biting insects. These methods helped me tremendously and continue to do so. Some of the benefits of detoxification are weight loss, getting rid of toxins and parasites, increasing your energy level, decrease sugar cravings and assist with the healing process of illness and pain relief. Detoxing is not a onetime thing. Once you get into a routine you will see a difference in your body and eventually it will become a part of your everyday life. This is part 1 of a series about detoxification methods which focuses on ways you can detox at home which is very affordable and easy. I’m not a health practitioner or holistic doctor so if you are worried about doing any of these because of health issues then do more research and consult with your doctor or holistic practitioner.

Ways to Detox at Home:

There are a variety of ways to detox at home and the cost is a lot cheaper. There were numerous times I didn’t have money to do colonics, aqua chi, infrared sauna sessions, etc that I discussed in my previous detox article. I resorted to detoxing at home and now I just do it to keep my body clean on the inside as I continue to heal and even after I am totally well I will keep up these habits to stay healthy.

Dry Brushing:

Some people never heard about how a natural fiber brush when used against dry skin does help with detoxification. Naturally when you brush your skin it exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. It’s also great for acne as well. But as you brush your skin you are also stimulating and increasing cell production and increasing blood flow and circulation.

How To Use a Natural Fiber Brush:

  • First thing you do is buy a natural fiber brush; they sell them online and in places like the Vitamin Shoppe or other online retailers. This is a lot different than the brushes you use for the bath. Also this brush should not get wet. Only when you are rinsing it off with warm water. (I do this 2-4 times a month) then let it air dry.

natural fiber brush

  • Starting with the soles of your feet brush in circular motions towards your heart, then work your way up your legs, until you get to the mid-section (stomach) of your body.
  • Now start with the palms of your hands, then the back of your hands, fingers and work your way up your arms.
  • Go to your back and again do it in circular motions towards your stomach and then the upper back you want to do circular motions again but brushing towards your chest.
  • Move around to your stomach to finish up that area and when you get to your chest go in an upwards position.
  • I also dry brush my neck since it helps with circulation and since I have issues with lymphatic drainage it does help.
  • Do not dry brush your nipples as they are very sensitive.
  • Experts say to avoid your face and use something smoother like a loofah which works great for acne.
  • Afterwards get in the shower and rinse off and then wash as usual.

Detox Baths:

People take baths with sea salts or Epsom salt as a way to relax and get rid of soreness. But what some people don’t know is that they are also beneficial to detoxification. They both add magnesium to the body (especially when you dry brush before you get in the bath to open up your pores). That allows your pores to be open and to allow the magnesium that is in the salts to get into your system. Magnesium also helps with heart and circulatory health, lowers blood pressure, prevents arteries from hardening, reduces irregular heartbeats and more (I will talk more about magnesium in an upcoming blog about supplements). There are also things you can add to your bath or have them as a standalone.

  • One is baking soda. Yes…baking soda. It has a property in it that helps expels toxins from your body gently and safely.
  • Another is food grade hydrogen peroxide. That oxygenates and helps to clean your blood of bacteria and infections. It also gives you energy as well.
  • Ginger is great! It opens up pores of the skin and increases the blood flow at the surface of the skin. If you use this with food grade hydrogen peroxide its work in detoxifying poisons and kills bacteria and fungi. Ginger can stimulate perspiration for the elimination of toxins.

Make a note to not take a bath with all of these ingredients at the same time. A good mix is Epsom salts or Sea Salts (make sure it is Dead Sea salt) and food grade hydrogen peroxide or salts and baking soda or ginger and food grade hydrogen peroxide. Some people have asked me what is the difference between Epsom Salt vs. Dead Sea Salt. I’m allergic to sulfate big time and Epsom Salt has a lot in it. So much so it makes me break out into hives. Some Dead Sea salts don’t have this in it or it is very little. I have tried it and no allergic reaction.

If you take a detox bath it is wise to get in the shower afterwards to wash off the toxins. You might not be able to see the toxins but they are there and you want them off your body. Last piece of advice…don’t take a really hot bath. A luke warm bath is best for detoxification. A hot bath can make you feel worse since you are already detoxing.

Detox Foot Baths:

The same thing for your detox bath can also be used for a foot bath. I learned about a couple of other things that could be added to the detox foot bath.

Mustard and Cayenne Pepper Foot Bath: Thank you to The Healing Well for introducing me to this foot bath recipe. Mix the following ingredients in warm water: Dry Mustard Powder (1 tablespoon), Cayenne Pepper (1 teaspoon), 1/2 tsp. dry Ginger Powder, 1/2 tsp. Rosemary Powder and soak for at least 30 minutes. There should be enough water to cover just above the ankles. This foot soak is used as relief from general aches and pains, toxic headaches, increase blood and lymph circulation as well as giving a sense of well-being.



I know…the thought of enemas grosses some people out but it is very beneficial. Especially if you can’t afford to get colon hydrotherapy all the time. Also people are not just doing enemas with water any more. Some now use some castor oil and even coffee (yes I said coffee).

An enema involves using a bag of water and a tube to fill your colon with enough water to stimulate contraction of the walls of your colon – the idea is to force your colon into expelling waste materials out.

You might be asking yourself why use castor oil or coffee? When I was a little girl my mother would make me take a tablespoon of castor oil (especially if I was constipated) and that flushed everything right out.

Coffee was new to me and I looked up the benefits of coffee vs. water. I went online to do more research about coffee enemas and came across this great website by Suzy Cohen who stated, “Seriously, coffee enemas may help relieve constipation, insomnia and cognitive problems; they may eliminate (or control) parasites, candida and other pathogens (without disrupting intestinal flora). Coffee enemas are frequently used in natural cancer protocols such as the Gerson Therapy ( It’s not the enema as much as it is the coffee that helps. You are exposed to a barrage of toxic compounds in your life, you can easily become overloaded. Some of you cannot detoxify properly. Coffee enemas help you make glutathione, an antioxidant and that sends poisons packing.”

Again before you do any of these things, do your research, figure out what is best for your health and if you have a medical condition then talk to your practitioner first or find a holistic/integrative doctor.

I hope I was able to shed some light on various ways you can stay healthy or if you are trying to get better with alternative yet holistic ways to do so. Here’s to a healthier new you! Stay tuned for part two which will focus on detoxification methods such as colonics, FAR infrared sauna, aqua chi foot baths and lymphatic massages.

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