7 Effective Coping Skills for Personal Wellness

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There is so much going on in the world today that increases stress in our daily lives. As entrepreneurs and women, we are inspired naturally to change our environments whether it is business, our personal lives, and our communities.

Therefore, we tend to experience more stress. There are two different forms of stress –  acute and chronic. As women of color, it has been determined that we tend to experience more chronic stress due socioeconomics, discrimination, and environment as stated by Dr. Erlanger Turner in “Psychology Today”. Right now we are all probably feeling some acute stress and anticipation of what might happen with our government and country, the escalation of social issues. Due to demands and pressure plus the anticipation of the future many of us are most likely experiencing acute stress.   We become frustrated and fatigued when the process is slow or the endeavor is very challenging.  Let us face it, the days and nights are daunting and works on our mental, spiritual, and emotional psyche.

So, whatever challenges you are experiencing, there are some things to keep you aligned; restore harmony to remain motivated; continue to moving towards and achieving the goals.  The first step is to take the initiative to acknowledge whatever is happening can be overwhelming. View the gallery for some effective coping skills to keep you during the stressful times:

T. Conswello

T. Conswello Davis is the principal of TIGER Marketing, LLC/TIGER Athlete Management. She holds a BS degree in Psychology and MBA/Marketing. T. Conswello’s areas of focus are athlete representation, marketing/pr, and international business. Follow her on twitter @tigermarkllc.

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