Fashion Isn't Just for the Runway, Entrepreneurs Guide to Fashion


Fashion isn’t Just for the Runway, Entrepreneurs Guide to Fashion

by Fashion Resident Expert, Michiel Perry 

Many people think fashion has nothing to do with their business but that is far from the case. Many great executives and leaders of our time have used fashion as a way to brand themselves. Take for instance, Margaret Thatcher. She was known for her oversized pearl earrings and red lipstick, that was her brand, bold, strong and feminine. That was her brand. For entrepreneurs, fashion is not just about how you look, it is about branding your business and your leadership style.  [space]

Here are some tips for using fashion to brand your business:

Wear the Colors of your Business:

If you business has bold colors, this is a great way to stand out in a crowd and to have a conversation starter around your firm as well draw customers and potential business contact to you. Jordan Bookey, Chief Mom & Co-Founder atZoobean wears teal in her headshot to match her company’s logo and is a great way to easily marry your brand to your fashion.

Company Branded Apparel:

Depending on what kind of industry you are in, you can create well designed apparel or accessories using your company’s logo and tagline included. What better way to get free advertising and to get the word out about your business. Co-Founder of PartPic, Jewel Berks wears a stylish shirt representing and branding her company whenever she attends networking events.

Develop a Signature Piece:

A great way to brand is through accessorizing. You can  add a bold accessory such as a chunky pearl necklace or a patterned scarf to your outfits. No matter what you add, you can never go wrong as long as it matches the brand of your company. A great example is Anna Wintour of Vogue Magazines with her black sunglasses.

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