Five Business Trends for Women of Color in 2016

Women of Color are making incredible strides to remain relevant in a competitive business climate.

These business trends for 2016 are open for visionary, entrepreneurial minds willing to use innovation, technology, intuitive skills and non-traditional avenues to brand themselves, elevate their potential and maximize visibility.

Creating your own space and carving out opportunities relative to issues that support growing our communities through information, education and cultural awareness as well as a broader spectrum, can create pathways for longevity and financial success.Pepper Miller, founder of The Hunter-Miller Group


Blogging is a format of success for women of color to deliver messages relative to issues with significant focus on their lifestyles including; hair, health, and fashion. Miller says, “Video blogging is huge for women of color and has created substantial opportunities in particular for young business women like Afrobella, who became a phenomenal success by writing and covering consumer products and Taren Guy, a natural hair blogger who captures audiences with engaging video tutorials.” Blogging can also lead to speaking engagements, corporate sponsorships and exposure to international markets.

Event Planning

Creating an event around a cause is a way to move your business forward while providing a meaningful service to your target market. Women of color are using their corporate and business expertise to create national platforms. Cameka Smith, founder of The BOSS Network, created a national tour event to promote small business and professional development. BOSS has been recognized by prominent media outlets including named Top 50 Websites for Entrepreneurs by Inc. Magazine.

Health and Fitness

Minorities and women are underrepresented at the executive level of healthcare decision making. With the disparity in health care treatment and high mortality rates, having a voice at the management level would help boost communication and increase opportunities to advance research for people of color. The fastest growing trend in fitness is certified personal trainer. Many trainers have created their own businesses and brands by producing fitness videos, working with high-profile clients, building corporate portfolios and social media.

Relationship Marketing

Also known as network marketing or direct sales, is increasingly becoming an alternative to achieving financial success. According to direct-selling market research, 82% of women making over $100,000 a year do so through network marketing. The start-up costs are low, no age limit and you can work from home. Mother and daughter trio, Jamell and Jasmine Meeks of Chicago, both senior vice presidents in multi-level marketing suggest, “do your research and prepare to put in a lot of work.”

Coach and Business Consulting 

Many companies and individuals are seeking coaching and consultation from experts. Miller advises, “These businesses can be explosive for verifiable experts with impeccable credentials.” Towanna Freeman, successful life coach and management consultant created BLCLife, a trusted resource to link people to award-winning professional consultants and certified life coaches.

Regardless of your path for 2016, make sure you apply research, include technology such as mobile marketing, video conferencing, social and business media and create innovative ways to brand yourself to potential customers and clients that will give them a new experience.

Written by Sheila Agnew

Sheila Agnew McCoy

Sheila L. Agnew McCoy is an entrepreneur, life coach, author and speaker, with an extensive background in event management and marketing. Sheila currently coaches and mentors women on business, career and personal development and recently launched 50 Plus - Connecting the Dots, a community connecting men and women over 50 with share worthy news and information around the world.

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  1. Thanks for writing this Sheila and for including me.. Young Millennial women are all over these opportunities (especially blogging, vlogging and coaching) as they are helping them connect with bigger opportunities. Nice job.

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