Five Health and Wellness Apps for Entrepreneurs

As we kick off Mental Health Awareness Month, Walker’s Legacy is proud to highlight and share with our network a list of five health and wellness apps that can be explored by anyone on their entrepreneurial path, or otherwise! Mental health can be a challenging facet of our lives, particularly those who also face the challenges of growing their business. 72% of entrepreneurs can be directly or indirectly impacted by mental health. 

It is important that while we also aim to cultivate an ecosystem of tenacity and hard work in our startups, that our emotional and mental well being are also reflective of that effort. Wellness apps can be a great tool and resource to boost our mindfulness, well being, and help with stress management. Here are five you can look to download: 

  • Talkspace

Talkspace is an app that provides an avenue for affordable therapy to anyone. The app helps match you with the right therapist among a network of 300 certified practitioners. Sometimes starting your therapy journey can take some time, specially during covid times where perhaps face to face sessions are limited. Talkspace provides a great alternative and helps users via cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and psychodynamic therapy.

  • Moodfit

Moodfit is a free app that helps keep your mental wellness in check. It provides tools and insights to reduce stress and build up fitness for your mental health! The app requires you to fill out a questionnaire and tailors activities and exercises to help you overcome mental blocks or feelings that feel out of your control sometimes. You can even use moodfit as a companion to working with a therapist or coach. Sharing with them your mood charts on Moodfit can allow them to better assist you and keep track of how you are feeling between appointments. 

  • Jour

Journaling can also be an important habit to incorporate into your wellness routine! If this is something you already practice or want to start, Jour can be a great app for you. For entrepreneurs it can be difficult to keep up with the consistency journaling requires, so Jour offers a great alternative to that by providing three questions everyday in a wonderfully curated interactive journal. Journaling can help you reflect on your day, and check in with yourself on a daily basis.

  • Headspace

Headspace was founded by ex-monk, Andy Puddicombe, who was based in tibetian monastery for 10 years. Headspace aims to make meditation accessible to all and possible for anyone. Especially startup entrepreneurs who work around the clock. Meditation can revitalize the mind, strengthen, and help calm ourselves. This is a great app to help incorporate a century old practice of mindfulness into the daily lives of startup business owners, or anyone interested in restorative health practices!

  • She Matters  

She Matters is a mental health app designed by Jade D. Kearney to help support Black women struggling with their mental health. The app came to be from Jade’s own struggles with postpartum anxiety/OCD and wanting to create resources and a network of support allocated towards Black women and their safety. The app will offer resources, therapists, and community and will be launching soon! Make sure to keep an eye out and download soon. 

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