Five Women of Color Business to Support this Small Business Week

May 2-8 is National Small Business Week and Walker’s Legacy recognizes the contributions of  America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the country. We take this as an opportunity to not only celebrate the contributions that small women of color businesses make to local communities, but to also highlight some you should support not only during this week, but all year around! 

Pastry Art by Ev

Pastry Art by Ev is a black owned business, curated by NY based artist and chef, Evelyn R. Cooke.  Started from the organic demand that grew from her social channels, Pastry Art by Ev looks to bring to you giftable bite-sized Gluten-Free confections to help you celebrate the sweet moments in life.  Her team uses pastry as a medium of art expression and the “creativity and love pours into every bite you will experience.” Check out their Instagram below!

 IG: _evcooks


Mommie’s Melodies 

Mommies Melodies is a non profit organization started by Tarana Hayes, birthed in Atlanta. Mommie’s Melodies looks to provide a safe space for moms to be more than moms! They provide resources, education, support, doula services, good times and lasting relationships. 

IG: mommiesmelodies


Sirena Naturals

Sirena Naturals is a cruelty free, natural, and clean skin care line started by Zelideh Martinez. As a Latina that grew up in the Midwest, Zelideh craved to see her culture and language reflected in the skin products her family used. Sirena Naturals was birthed from her own pregnancy and aiming to find the right skin care for the harsh cold temperatures of North Dakota. From their body butter, exfoliating scrubs, or lip balms – this home made, small batch, natural skin food brand is crafted perfectly for anyone who wants nourishing skin products. 

       IG: sirenanaturals

EL Nopalito Delivery 

El Nopalito Delivery is a queer latinx owned same day courier service based in Chicago, Illinois. Curated by Mila Johnson Perez the company was birthed at the height of the pandemic when a lot of Mila’s favorite spots started to shut down due to no foot traffic restrictions. Seeing a lot of cash only spots going out of businesses along the south and west side communities, and aiming to keep the safety of the community intact, the company started with a mission to feed folks and connect impacted families to organic produce. Check out their instagram below!

IG: elnopalitodeliverychi

Julia Lynn Productions 

Julia Lynn Productions is a media and production company started by LaVerne Bowen. The company’s purpose is to create effective programs and entertainment with a mission to “instill in youth positive reinforcement through the arts and civic engagement that reflect positive mental images of self-worth, self-esteem, and where character building-principles are enhanced.” Through media training, community involvement, and leadership education participants are able to receive training to carry the voice of youth in policy planning, professional development and engagement techniques. Check out their instagram below!

      IG: julia_lynnproductions

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