Former WSJ Senior Reporter Launches China-focused News Service

Shasha Dai, a former Wall Street Journal senior reporter, is filling a void of Chinese-focused news sources with her newly launched platform, Dai1 Media LLC. The New York-based subscription news service focuses on business dealings within China regarding private equity, private credit, structured finances, and special situation deals.

“My thesis is that there is a lack of a dedicated source of news about private deals in China for U.S. investors despite the size of the Chinese market and the increasing amount of capital being raised for deals there,” said Dai.

“We try to be one source of info that helps fill in the gap.”

China is recognized the world’s second largest economy and is anticipated to surpass U.S. as the largest economy in just 12 years. Over the past 20 years, outbound deals by U.S. private equity firms in China have been growing substantially. Despite this growth, there has not been a dedicated news source, like Reuters, Bloomberg, or even a Wall Street Journal, that covers this movement and dealings specific to China. Dai1 Media fills this void by additionally covering leveraged buyouts, growth equity, direct lending, distressed-for-control, structured finance, special situations and real estate financing.

 Subscribers to Dai’s content are U.S. private equity firms, distressed debt investors, family offices, institutional investors, other alternative asset managers and their advisors.

Dai most recently served as the New York bureau chief of CapitalStructure Ltd. and covered private equity for over a decade at Dow Jones and the Washington Business Journal.


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