Founder of Kiss My Aggie Entertainment, Agnes Erskine

Kiss My Aggie Entertainment Founder and CEO, Agnes Erskine, was born and raised in the DMV. Erskine was destined to go into the communications industry at the age of 13 when she conducted her first of what would be many interviews. Soon she would be Founder and CEO of her own entertainment company.


Agnes Erskine is an alum of the “Real HU”, Howard University, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Radio, Television, and Film. Most recently, Aggie received a Master Degree in Producing Film, Television, and Video. She mentions her start into communications came through music, she loves to write, sing, and record music which introduced her into other areas of media. She even recorded an E.P. which is unreleased and still in the process of being recorded. She describes music as her first love however, she has no desire in making music her full-time career. She shifted gears turning her music hobby to a career in radio.

She completed an internship at CBS Radio under the urban station WPGC. After, college she realized radio didn’t have the same impact as it did when she was a little girl and she didn’t want to work for a company. From there she developed an entrepreneurial mindset as she wanted creative control and to be a lens to tell a story through her lens. After she went back to get her Masters Degree, she started answering questions on Twitter about the current events then it occurred to her she’d rather share positive current events and talk about things she loves. Soon after Kiss My Aggie Entertainment was founded.

Kiss My Aggie Entertainment

Kiss My Aggie Entertainment is a media production company that covers topics from faith to entertainment. The name is a play on Agnes’s nickname “Aggie”. With the goal of creating original entertaining content in an oversaturated industry Kiss My Aggie Entertainment started to shed light on positive topics like faith and good news in the entertainment industry rather than the typical gossip conversations the industry is known for.

The mission of Kiss My Aggie Entertainment is to deliver pop culture coated in love. Currently, Kiss My Aggie Entertainment is in production for its first feature-length documentary called Sexy and Saved. Sexy and Saved addresses the sexism that occurs in church. Christian women share the stories and opinions on gender-roles, body-image, and sensuality in Christianity. The goal of Sexy and Saved is to spark dialogue between men and women on controversial and unspoken topics. Erskine mentions that this is her accomplishment that she is most proud of as it encouraged her and stretched her far beyond her comfort zone.

Work and Life

Family is the most important thing to me and I eventually want to be married and have children. So often I have heard that women have to sacrifice their career for family and vice versa, especially as it pertains to the media industry. She mentions for her, balance will come in doing the best that she can to not allow the pressures of society to cause her to fold on her passions. The greatest advice she shares for women and their careers is that there is immeasurable power in unity. Aggie joined Walker’s Legacy because she saw the opportunity to commune with some inspiring women. Agnes mentions that the program Walker’s Legacy facilities provide great exposure to a wide range of talented individuals and a wealth of information.

Nia Ross

Nia Ross is a junior at Virginia Union University, majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. Ross has contributed to programs such as, PBS Production U as a Videographer and Editor and the media organization at Norfolk State University, National Broadcasting Society Alpha Epsilon Rho. Since then, Nia has developed her own businesses. One, “Shot By Miss Nini Michelle” where she provides photography, videography and editing services, and the other, ”Nini Michelle Cosmetics”, where she distributes makeup and beauty products. Nia's purpose with her businesses are to enhance and inspire the expression of beauty and confidence within individuals.

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