Having A Dairy Free Diet During Allergy Season Might Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms

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Are you stockpiling tissue and antihistamines this spring?[space]


Just because the weather is still chilly in certain parts of the country, doesn’t mean that allergy-inducing pollen isn’t in the air.  So if you’re one of the many who suffer greatly during this time of year, here’s the skinny on what might be causing your suffering; and what you can do to stop allergy symptoms before they stop you from enjoying the beauty of a color-rich season.[space]

One of the biggest allergy inducing foods that we consume, and probably never think about, is dairy.  I know, you’re probably saying, “But I’ve been drinking dairy from the moment I arrived on this planet.”  And I’m sure its true—You have been consuming it forever.  However, is it also true that you find yourself with a “spring cold” every spring that gives you a scratchy throat, itchy eyes, sneezing fits, and just to much mucous to speak of publicly?  If the answer is yes, I’d be willing to bet that the real culprit isn’t the pollen, per se—It’s the dairy that’s causing a hyper-allergenic, chain reaction nightmare in your body.[space]


You see, many seasonal allergy sufferers harbor an undiagnosed sensitivity to dairy.  And as good as it taste or as satisfying as dairy might make you feel— It unfortunately, has one little immune response trigger called casein, which many people are sensitive to.   So if you consume dairy and you’re allergic to casein, your body will go into defense mode and react to that allergen. [space]


Generally, this reaction might be subtle, which is why you’re probably not aware that you’re in fact, allergic to dairy.  But even in it’s subtly, the immune response to dairy has put your immune system on high alert to aggressively attack any other allergen that it comes into contact with. [space}


Ok, so now your immune system is on high alert, and coincidentally, it’s also springtime.  Needless to say, Mother Nature has begun to dump a lot of pollen into the air.  Now remember—Your body is already geared up to fight because you’ve been consuming dairy, therefore, it goes haywire when it detects the pollen.  Yep, that’s right, your body will now declare an all out military style attack to kill each and every pollen allergen in its path.  And don’t get me wrong—that’s a good thing![space]


We want our immune system to kick in and destroy invaders— Don’t we?  [space]

Well, only when it’s necessary to save our lives.  We don’t want our immune system to launch and all out war on a harmless invader like pollen, especially when we become the casualty left wounded on the battlefield tightly holding a bottle of antihistamine in one hand and a tissue in the other. [space]


But lucky for you, this is a relatively easy fix if the dairy is in fact causing your allergy symptoms.  If you simply eliminate dairy during allergy season, you probably won’t have an allergic reaction to the pollen. And if you do, it more than likely will be a mild allergic reaction, and that’s okay.   A sniffle here and a sniffle there isn’t going to sound off the man down alarm so you’ll be able to stop and smell the roses and maybe even put a flower in your hair.



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