How Monica Guzman is Helping Entrepreneurs to Live “Todo con Ease”

Restorative health practices have often been undermined and looked over in many corporate environments. Today, many entrepreneurs or folks in business spheres are living in a new age of frustration, ageing, disease, and genuine discontentment due to outside stressors and lack of self-care. How often can you find a business coach or someone who can also holistically inspire you to live with ease? This is where Monica Guzman comes in. Monica is a Dominican Republic born, New York City raised empowerment and business coach.

Not only is Monica a thriving business coach with a plethora of experience, but she also prioritizes what many coaches are looking past – the wellness of their client. Monica is committed to walking alongside people to empower them to grow however they see fit while supporting them to live with ease. As a business founder herself, Monica designed “Trabajando con Ease” – a mastermind group for new entrepreneurs to have access to peer-to-peer coaching and develop their business models. Monica has over seven years of experience in creating programming, talent acquisition, career development and start up operations. She is also a Reiki practitioner who strives to uplift her community and create opportunities to pay it forward.

This month we will get to sit down with Monica to talk about her experience as a business coach and consultant. We will also touch on the underlying importance of restorative health practices in any business sphere, and the benefits of relieving physical and mental fatigue. Tune into this important conversation about how we can develop and encourage healthy practices within our community and improve the energy and outlook of many business models. Bring your cafecito, or tea and join us on March 25, at 12pm EST. Sign up here.

Aura Ordóñez Molina

Aura is a Nicaraguan immigrant living in Seminole land, in the heart of South Florida. She is a political scientist and a recent graduate from Florida International University, with a Master of Arts in Global Affairs. Her experience as a research-focused scholar and as an educator has made her life’s passion rooted in gender equity, education reform, and women’s economic empowerment. Aura continues to learn from her community and the defiant entrepreneurial leaders in her family.

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