How to Take Your Consulting Company Mobile

What is a mobile consultant?

You may be thinking of apps. Now this term is used for people who use apps as a way to work with others in business. But in this case a mobile consultant is used for women who consult through their own intimate national tour.

An intimate national tour allows you the opportunity to travel, meet new potential clients and create your own national platform. When you travel you are able to see business from a different perspective. You speak to a variety of people depending on your mode of transportation. You begin to manage your time better as travel limits what and how you can work on your business.

New potential clients are willing to pay a nominal fee to get a little taste of what you have to offer. An intimate national tour is your time to show off so your attendees have no other choice but to work with you in one of your higher level programs.

Everyone especially women wait for a platform to come to them.


Build your own. Build a platform that not only surrounds your expertise but creates a funnel where you can continue to track your attendees.

Plus as a mobile consultant you have the freedom to pick and go where your clients are. So this allows you to truly have a global business. But this isn’t for everyone. So if constant travel to mundane cities and unique faraway places is not for you, then pass this idea along to a friend who is ready to take what they know on tour.

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