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In today’s rapidly-growing technology savvy society, it is very important that we are equipped with accessible, tangible resources that enable us to advance to the next level in our entrepreneurial ventures.

One program you should be keeping your eye one is Accelerate with Google. The duration of the program is 12 weeks and focuses on teaching participants about essential tools and training for marketing your business online. Recently, we got the opportunity to interview Starr Barbour, founder of STILLGOING, about her experience in Accelerate with Google.

A techie, Barbour graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University and she has worked at IBM and Accenture. 

Starr, you have worked with some great companies in your career! However, you eventually started your own business called STILLGOING. Would you like to tell us a little bit more about how it was established?

STARR: I’m an avid meditator and long-distance runner, and at one point in time, I had to constantly travel for work and for multiple clients. I became so stressed that work was becoming hazardous for my health, so I realized that I needed a change in my lifestyle. I started running again and I took a class about how to meditate at YMCA and I really loved it! From that experience, I figured since I was going to classes so often that I would try to see if there were more meditation coaches or classes in where I lived. However, there weren’t any! The closest thing I found were organizations that offered coaching over the phone. From that point, I decided there should be a virtual service that offers me meditation services when I needed that personal interaction at anytime and anywhere.

How did you find out about Accelerate with Google?

STARR: There was a Walker’s Legacy newsletter about opportunities for women in IT and while reading it, I saw that it mentioned the program. I was also encouraged by Laurie Rowe, a community leader of Walker’s Legacy in Washington, D.C. because of my background in IT.

How did Accelerate with Google help you with your business?

STARR: It was a good experience! The program was very extensive and thorough since there are so many people of different backgrounds taking their classes. They really support you with their office hours and assist you with any worries you may have. For someone starting out as an entrepreneur, while the class may be an investment, they really show you how to drive traffic to your business step by step.

What piece of advice would you offer fellow women entrepreneurs?

STARR: The biggest advice to know is that there is always a way to do anything. People worry about not knowing how to get to a point in their venture, but what’s important is actually getting started! I feel like that’s a big obstacle people face. You need to just start and pursue your passion because when you do, that’s when things will really start unfolding and guide you where you need to be.

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