Ladies…Is your search for perfection keeping you from a good man? Steve Harvey thinks so…

We’ve heard it time and time again, a good man is hard to find.   With that being said, it’s no secret that marriage rates amongst African American women are some of the lowest in the nation despite a general decline in marriage rates across the nation, according to reports.

How many good men are women passing up due to the unrealistic expectation that they be the ‘perfect package’?

While many can debate the causes of such a phenomenon – from the higher rates of imprisonment, lower-than-average high school and college graduation rates and higher-than-average unemployment rates for men of color – Steve Harvey address another potential cause: extreme superficiality.

In a recent Steve Harvey Show episode, two beautiful Atlanta-based twins, are set up on a blind date with two eligible bachelors.   The men, dressed in slight disguise, engage in discussion over dinner with the twins which includes a barrage of questions including:  ‘How much money do you make’ and ‘how many rooms do you have in your home’, among others.

The back-and-forth begs the question, can women of color really afford to be this picky?  Not afford from the perspective of the opportunity cost of passing up a good man, but afford from the perspective of the continual loss of household wealth due to single-individual or single-parent led households?

You be the judge, watch the video below and share your comments with Walker’s Legacy…


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