Lauren Williams Appointed New Vox Editor-in-Chief

Image: Vox; From left to right, executive editor Allison Rockey, editor-in-chief Lauren Williams, editor-at-large Ezra Klein. Joss Fong/Vox

Vox recently announced Lauren Williams would become the new editor-in-chief. Williams replaces Ezra Klein, founder, and former editor-in-chief. Although her role is new, she isn’t new to the company. Prior to her appointment as editor-in-chief, she has served as a managing editor and an executive editor at Vox. Williams has been with the company for a majority of its existence since its founding in 2011. Over the past three and a half years Vox has grown to have more than 100 journalists and had a 55% increase in content views in the past year.

Along with the new appointment of Lauren Williams, Vox has also announced other news for their company. They are launching a daily podcast and moving towards television.

Klein is confident about Williams assuming this role, he said “from the moment she walked in the door, I’ve relied constantly on her brilliance, her calm, and her judgment, and all of us have relied on her constant focus on the quality of our journalism, the mechanics of the organization, and the morale of the people within it.”

When asked what advice she had for women in her industry Williams told the Huffington Post,

“Once you land a job, never forget you belong there just as much as your colleagues”.

Prior to her time at Vox, Williams worked at AOL, The Slate Group, and Mother Jones. She received her Bachelor’s Degree at University of Virginia and her Master’s of Art degree at Syracuse University. Lauren Williams said, “It’s an incredible honor to be passed the torch, and to lead Vox into this exciting new moment”. We’re looking forward to

We’re looking forward to seeing how Lauren leadership will bring Vox further success!

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