Meet Lea Márquez Peterson: Congress Hopeful and Business Leader of Tucson, Arizona

A passionate and active leader in her community, Lea Márquez Peterson has proven that her career’s work is purposed to better her community. Márquez is an entrepreneur and small business owner who owns and runs a number of gas stations and convenience stores in the Tucson, Arizona region. She additionally supports her business community as the President and CEO of the Tucson  Hispanic Chamber of Commerce which represents over 1800 businesses and is recognized as the largest Latino business organization in the State of Arizona.

Her achievements led her to work with Governor Doug Ducey where she was then appointed to co-chair of the Arizona Zanjeros, a leadership group to promote developments in the economy. Lea then went on to serve on the board of chairs of St. Mary’s Hospital, as well as the boards of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Marquez’s diligence has allowed her to expand as a businesswoman and woman entrepreneur and has received awards such as the 2014 Extraordinary Woman in Business, the 2012 Distinguished Citizen Award, and many more for her hard work and dedication.  

In December 2017, Márquez announced that she was willing and ready to run for Congress in District 2 and succeed Martha McSally stating, “I am not running against Congresswoman McSally, I am a big supporter. This is in the event she runs (for Senate), I am ready and I am prepared.”

In early January, McSally announced her bid for Senate leaving Marquez to secure an aggressive $215,000 in fundraising within just three weeks of her announcement.

Lea believes that with her expertise being an entrepreneur and an active leadership in the Tucson and Sierra Vista communities will prove to be an asset in getting things done in Washington.

“I think that those who know me know that I get things done and I want to be part of the process of getting things done in D.C.”

Márquez hopes to work towards the lack of jobs available for residents, and hopes to implement her skills in order to find entrepreneurship opportunities for her community.

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