New Year, New Revenue Stream

As you begin a New Year especially in your business, take time to think of a creative, fun and unique way for a new revenue stream.

There is a meme going around saying, “2013 was practice. 2014 was the warm up. 2015 is game time.”

Now if you have been in business since 2013 this should ring true for you. You should have something you have worked on, created or built that is now ready to be on display. The best way to display what you have is by hosting a mini national tour.

A mini national tour can be 3-5 cities where you allow your target audience the opportunity to get familiar with your brand, new service or new product. It’s a great way to gather feedback, suggestions for improvement and testimonials. Utilizing these attributes will help your business be game time ready for 2015.

  • Feedback:  You will receive the good, bad and ugly from your targeted audience. Now this is a great thing. You don’t want to create something and think it’s perfect unknowingly turning off the people you want to sell to. Feedback allows you the opportunity to see from a different or fresh perspective if your service, product or event is really hitting the goals you are aiming for.
  • Suggestions for Improvement:  This is similar as feedback but a little different. You have your target audience utilizing every aspect of your service, product or event. They get to see how it is supposed to work from start to finish. This allows them to say if it is user friendly, easy to understand, the action steps you give are implementable, etc. Your target audience on this mini national tour will warm up your service, product or event for the full fledged launch.
  • Testimonials: One thing I’ve noticed about testimonials are most are from friends of the business owner. Nothing wrong with that if they used your service, product or event to help give you feedback and suggestions. But it does make others a little skeptical on how you can really benefit them. On a mini national tour you have people who may not have ever heard of you before. This gives you the chance to wow them and they share a glowing testimonial about the benefits of what they bought from you. This is what you want.

A mini national tour is a great way for you to not only create a new revenue stream for your business but gain invaluable insight. In this New Year create a new revenue stream that can take your business further than you could have ever imagined in 2014.

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