6 Ways to Achieve New Goals in the New Year

You may be looking back over the past 12 months and feeling that once again your goals for this year went unfulfilled. There is nothing wrong with taking a moment to reflect on those things you hoped to achieve, but instead of beating yourself up, take the opportunity to look ahead.

When it comes to goal planning, there are 6 tips you should keep in mind:

Set manageable goals: If you are an entrepreneur, you may have a long-term goal of making a million dollars in a year. While this isn’t impossible, is it likely given where you are in your business? Instead, set a goal that you will need to stretch for but can certainly achieve by the end of the year.

Keep your goal list targeted: There are literally hundreds of things we could choose to accomplish in a year, but keep in mind the more items you list, the more stressed you are likely to be when trying to achieve them.

Hold yourself accountable: For each goal that you list, identify a person who can help you get there. If you have to report your progress to someone throughout the year, you will make more of an effort to do what you said you would.

Celebrate your wins: One reason we tend to give up on our goals early on is that we don’t acknowledge the steps we are taking along the way. If you tick an item off your goal list, celebrate it by doing something nice for yourself and sharing it with accountability partners who can lift you up as well. The positive reinforcement will fuel you to keep going throughout the year.

Don’t forget to prioritize you next year: While you are setting goals for business, personal finance, and rebuilding relationships, don’t forget to set a goal or two just for you. Whether you want to invest more resources in your personal development or get up earlier to develop a morning meditation practice, you should be a priority on your list.

Keep your goals visible: Just as you should verbalize your goals to someone to help hold you accountable, you should print out your goals and keep them in a highly visible location (on your refrigerator, near your computer monitor, or even on your phone). Journaling is also a great way to track your progress over the year and help you identify patterns or challenges along the way. These daily reminders will help keep the goals top of mind, and refocus your energy on a continued basis to make them a reality.

Goal-setting should be a rewarding and uplifting activity to start your new year. If you feel anxious about it, you may need to revisit the magnitude of your goals or find additional support within your network. Follow these tips and you will be amazed at your progress in 2017!


Monica Clark

Monica Clark is the founder of The Perception Practice, where she works to empower professional women to work authentically. Monica motivates others personally and professionally through mentorship, speaking and traning. She offers practical advice and resources for those who struggle with internal and external perceptions in their work lives, and works to help her clients find meaningful solutions. Monica holds a Bachelor's Degree from Duke University and Masters Degrees in Public Administration and International Relations from Syracuse University. She resides in Northern Virginia.

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