Office Decor, Personal Brand and Growing Your Business

Your overall brand and image extends far beyond personal appearance. One of the biggest ways to make an impression on a potential client or business partner is with your office. Whether you work in home or have your own building. Here are some key design and fashion tips to make sure your interiors match your brand

  • Incorporate your own personality– If you like bold colors, make sure your office reflects that. Try adding a some colorful throw pillows or a bold print chair to give your office some personality (it can make you feel more at ease and also have clients remember you). It is also a great place to add a signature office item, for all the southern belles, you can display some southern mainstays such as sweet tea, pound cake and mint juleps in a central location so that new clients know that your brand and how you do business reflects you and your personality.

  • Incorporate your brand– Make sure your brand is incorporate into your office decor, put your logo on strategic items, including coasters, rugs and desk covers. Another way to display your brand is to utilize your brand’s color palette into office decor, you can do that by adding a splash of color to your window drapings or even just a simple painted accent wall. Whatever you do, don’t miss any opportunity to make your brand memorable to your current and potential clients.

  • Be appropriate for your industry –  This doesn’t mean you can’t have a chic and welcoming office if you work in a conservative industry. It just means to be creative. Add a pronounced library of vintage business and economic books if you work in finance. The bold colors of the vintage books will make your office stand out but also give you something to chat about with potential new clients who stop by.  (Even offer them a book to borrow-it’s a great reason for you to follow up with them and will make them come back at some point!)

No matter what you do have fun and keep your brand and personal style in mind. The more authentic you are with your office decor, the better your business will thrive!


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