The Power of Meditation and Yoga

Black women are continuously bombarded with “facts” of doom regarding healthcare, specifically diagnosis and treatments. Sometimes it is really exhausting reading the health reports. Mental health continues to be a major issue within the community. The denial is a defensive mechanism. However, too often we have denied the issue and let it fester because of embarrassment and shame. We can change perceptions, behaviors, improve our lives, decrease probability and health risks associated with numerous illnesses, and mental illness. Our health is wealth. We can change the “diagnosis” by executing two powerful practices.

Meditation and yoga are practices we can apply within our lifestyles to nourish and support cognition, awareness, and happiness. These two practices are win-win. The practice of either will increase the probability of success in any business endeavor, alleviate potential health issues now or in the future, and integrate alternative health from a spiritual perspective that is advantageous and valuable.

JillMinard_YogaHouseHoustonBoth, meditation and yoga, are proven evidence-based practices. Scientists and researchers of the West are finally confirming what the East and parts of Africa have known for millennium. The practices are cost effective, promote balance of the mind, body, and spirit as a trilogy, and an investment in time creates a fulfilling habit. There are inherent benefits to practicing meditation and yoga when applied to one’s lifestyle. (Left Photo: Jill Minard of Yoga House Houston)

Meditation and yoga are known to help combat anxiety, asthma, cancer/breast cancer, diabetes, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, menopause, obesity, stress management, and weight loss according to Psychology Today and many other researchers.

Meditation has some of the same benefits as yoga and is considered a method of self- healing. The practice of meditation increases awareness, happiness, acceptance, and slows aging. It is a growing practice for successful CEOs as well.

As women, entrepreneurs, heads of households, many times we neglect and sacrifice ourselves; we continue pushing to get things done, meet deadlines, and make everyone happy. We are always carrying the weight upon our shoulders to represent, stand tall and get it done. Many of us will experience anxiety, depression, and stress due to life changes, menopause, etc. Maintaining the work/life balance is challenging. However, it is imperative we take care of ourselves not only in the physical but emotional and mental prosperity are of the utmost importance.

Meditation can be utilized wherever and whenever. Yoga is cost effective form of physical exercise merged with meditation. These two practices are destined to add value to improve health and achieve work/life balance if one is open and willing to embrace the practices.

If you are interested in learning a wonderful style of yoga with African influence, try Kemetic yoga. If you do not know how to meditate or how to begin, try Oprah and Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience

~ Namaste



T. Conswello

T. Conswello Davis is the principal of TIGER Marketing, LLC/TIGER Athlete Management. She holds a BS degree in Psychology and MBA/Marketing. T. Conswello’s areas of focus are athlete representation, marketing/pr, and international business. Follow her on twitter @tigermarkllc.

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