Quick Tips Women Can Use to Promote Their Personal Brand on Social Media

The act of professionals marketing themselves through personal branding has transformed from an option to a necessity in today’s job market.  And, many professional women use social media in order to promote their personal brand.  However, common mistakes made on social media can negate anyone’s efforts of branding herself.

Building a Personal Biography

The first common mistake professionals make on social media is within the development of her personal biography.  Your personal biography should be a reflection of you.  Use plenty of adjectives (descriptive words) to state your personal story.  Viewers should make a connection with you after reading your biography.  Thus, the connection should lead to a request to follow and/or network with you.  Ask yourself: What words do I want to describe me as a person and/or professional?  Are these the same adjectives that others may use to describe me?  What makes me unique in comparison to other professionals within my field?

Pictures and Posts

The second common mistake professionals make on social media is her selection of pictures and posts.  Ask yourself: What is my reason for joining social media?  Your posts and pictures should support your reason.  For example, “I joined social media in order to look for another job and/or position.”  So, my posts and pictures should display the knowledge that I have as a professional.  And, as a result, future employers will view a timeline of my skill sets.  Use pictures to enhance your posts on social media.  But, be aware that you must monitor the types of pictures that you and/or your followers post.  These pictures must be appropriate for your employers and/or professional colleagues to view.  Finally, posts and/or pictures that are offensive, that contain racial and/or ethnic slurs, profanity or sexual content are never appropriate.

These tips can be used on any social media platform.

Following these simple tips can assist professionals in building a personal brand.

Dorothy C. Handfield is the Owner/Founder of DCH Consulting Services, LLC, where we assist professionals in the development and management of their personal brand, especially on social media.  

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