Redefining Feminism by Blowing Minds

I am the F-Bomb in a room full of people. I am a multi-racial millennial woman with a set of beliefs on how all humans should have the right of choice in how they decided to move in this world. I am a feminist.

Be the F Bomb. Women across the United States have been in what seems to be a never-ending conversation about equality throughout their daily parts of their lives which brings up the F Bomb.

Define your version of the F-Bomb. My definition of feminism today is redefined and vastly different in who and what voices are of value. Feminism is inclusive and gives privilege to every gender, sex, race, ethnicity, class, religion, and any other factor that has kept us human beings divided.

Being a woman, expectations are to choose between having a family and a career. However, women of color undoubtedly aren’t just waving a white flag to societies views on being a mother, chauffeur to children, a wife, a cook; but instead they are the embracing feminism and reinventing what it means.

Be inspired by the F-Bomb. According to research, the Kauffman Foundation found 59% of black-owned business, 44% of Hispanic-owned businesses and 39% of Asian-owned businesses are owned by women. With numbers like that, you can’t help be inspired to start something new, embrace success, and be the bomb. After all, you’re in goog company. 

Ignite your ambitions. Kristal High is a black woman who is igniting her professional and personal ambitions.

Kristal High, is the Editor-in-Chief of Politic365, mother, Second Vice President of the Charlotte NAACP and a local volunteer among other roles. High’s online political website, Politic365 aims to inform and engage individuals on the critical policy issues that affect us day-to-day.

“Especially for communities of color who will soon comprise the majority of America’s population, we have to be more active participants in the policy process. There’s a saying, “if you’re not at the table you’re what’s on the menu,” High said, “If Politic365 can somehow trigger new awareness, help counter that tune out impact, and encourage people to act, I’ll feel like we’ll have made a real value-added impact.”

“if you’re not at the table you’re what’s on the menu,”


For High, the F-Bomb is all about “living the most authentic life… and accepting that right for other people to be their authentic selves too.” 

“Feminism sees beauty in the strength it takes to just be, accepting that women have the ability to choose their own destiny,” High said.

Cheer other women and F-Bombs on. It is natural for some to be competitors, but help others spark their ambitions.

“My mission is to connect, uplift, and empower other people,” High said, “I think my success and fulfillment is directly linked to the achievement of others and the role I’m able to play in helping them meet their greatest potential.”

Stabilize balance, F-Bomb. It is easy to give your all to one particular cause/thing which leads to other causes/things to lack in attention; stabilize balance.  

Personally, I write down every single idea I have in my notes on my phone, that way I always have it. So when I’m sleeping and I have an idea of something I want to do (yes, this really does occur), I pull up my list of ideas and type the others in. Then I start to create goals for each idea.

Instead of being overwhelmed with how amazing things you want to accomplish, create short term goals to achieve the long-term goals. To-do lists are also helpful for day-to-day.

For High, family is a top priority. “Balance for me involves more prayer, meditation, and spiritual reading. It means prioritizing my health by making different dietary choices and being more physically active. It means being more open about how I communicate my feelings, thoughts, and needs; and it’s being thoughtful and pragmatic about some of the financial choices I make,” High said, “It also means that I’m tapping into my support system so I don’t feel like I have to carry all my burdens/responsibilities by myself all the time.”

Light the F-Bomb.  To be the best you by knowing yourself, knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

“You can be passionate about something all you want, but if you can’t make a living doing it, it’s ultimately a hobby while you get paid to build someone else’s dream,” High said.

High feels women of color should work to be more comfortable leveraging their influence and perspectives when it comes to business opportunities.

Also, know that knowledge is power; it is the match to spark and light everything. Engage in learning new things, take a course on a new marketing tool, read a book.

“If you don’t consciously focus on renewing and reinventing yourself, you’ll find that you’ll be less effective over time,” High said.

Be the F-Bomb. Ignite all your ambitions, spark inspiration, stabilize balance, and light the F-Bomb.

Go ahead girl, blow their minds.

Ashleigh Boisseau

Ashleigh Boisseau is a feminist with plans to use her passion for communications to advocate and empower anyone she can. She is alumna from VCU with degrees in Mass Communication and Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies. She also is a former contributor to emPower and RVAMag/GayRVA. If she can inspire a few, she’s happy!

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