Running 101

The benefit of running is that it really works out your whole body. It’s great for circulation, oxygenating your body and the brain, toning; losing weight, gaining muscle mass and for many people it’s a huge stress relief. Below are some tips to get you started on the running path!

Buy running shoes: If you have never run in your life then go to a running store; you can Google stores. When you go, tell them you want to get fit for a running shoe. If you have a budget then tell the sales rep how much you are willing to spend because running shoes can be very expensive. Those who work in running stores are trained in fitting people for the right shoes. Some stores even have a small track or treadmill to run on to test out the shoe.

Once you buy your running shoe keep track of the miles (there are apps for this or you can write them down). When it’s time then buy a new pair once you’ve exhausted the miles on your first pair.

Body Glide is Your Friend: It looks like a stick of deodorant. Apply the Body Glide on to the areas that would chaff (areas that rub together) for example your thighs, arm pits, bottom of feet, etc. It’s cheap and will be a life saver!!!!

Buy Running Clothes: Your body sweats and you need clothing that will wick away the sweat. When you go shopping look for the dri-fit label or something that states that the clothing has wicking material. You can buy some reasonably priced clothes in Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx and stores of that nature.

Running Watch or Something to Monitor your Time: There are watches that monitor your time, pace, your splits (which means if you do the run/walk method). There are also apps you can load to your phone. Nike has a great app you can check out. I got my watch at Target for about $30.00 and it lasted me 5 years.

Running Methods: I learned through the Jeff Galloway method. You can go on and pick what schedule you want (Beginner, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Full, etc) and follow his method.

This method helps prevent injuries because it’s the walk/run method you run for a few minutes you walk for a couple of minutes. If you are capable to run straight without walk breaks then go for it!

Protein Bars/Gu/Drinks: You want to buy protein bars that you can carry in your fuel belt. You lose a lot of nutrients while running. I would suggest buying a few bars to sample. Good brands are Power Bars, CLIFF, Larabars, just to name a few. There is also Gu. You squeeze it into your mouth and you’re done. You also need a drink such as coconut water or Gatorade that will replace the electrolytes you’re losing. Water doesn’t do the trick. Also don’t eat a whole bar at once, take bites along the run and the same goes for your drink.

Aiding Sore Muscles: After a run you might be sore. Ice your joints that feel achy and do the R.I.C.E method (rest ice compression elevation). I also love Arnica gel for soreness (it costs about $7.00). It’s really good for aches and pains, it doesn’t smell and it’s all natural.

Parents Can Run Too: Running strollers can hold up to 50 pounds. Good brands are Baby Trend and BOB! They also have strollers for twins which hold more weight!

Now it’s time to run! Caution…be careful of stretching what I call cold muscles. Do light stretches before running and after some time, stop and stretch because your muscles are now warm. Remember…the goal is to finish whether your goal is 1 block or 10 miles. You want to run at a comfortable pace and of course…have fun!


If you have a medical condition and are concerned then get checked out by your doctor before hitting the running trail.


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