Sharpening Your Saw: How to Keep Your Edge

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How do I make my business successful? This is the millionaire dollar question every entrepreneur ask themselves. If you study successful businesses, they are led by individuals who are constantly learning and seeking knowledge. They learn from other’s mistakes. As entrepreneurs we wear many hats such as the bookkeeper, marketing executive, sales person, or production worker. We consider our time limited. However, we must take the time to read, listen to podcasts, or attend professional development workshops to keep our edge. How do we do this with running a business?

Here’s five shows and podcasts that teach skills how to develop into business leader:

  • Shark Tank: I consider this show as one the best business themed shows on TV. It shows you how to present your business to potential partners to close the deal. The sharks ask great questions such as what’s your current sales, how much are you expected to grow, and how much does it take to make your product. Every entrepreneur should know the answers to these questions. Lesson: It’s fine to bring along your attorney and accountant to help you with business deal.
  • A Chief’s Life: We are not all chefs, but great lessons can be learned from Chef Vivian Howard. Chef Vivian along with her husband own a fine dining restaurant in her hometown. The show displays the balance between managing staff, working with your spouse, and running a stressful business. Lesson: Constantly engage in creating new a product or service for your business.
  • START UP: This show travels across America interviewing business owners on how they got started and what it took to get started. It offers great insight from the mouths of owners who have built their business from the ground up. Lesson: Don’t wait for the money, just get started.
  • How I Built This: The stories behind the largest companies in the world such as Starbucks or Carol Daughter’s are amazing. Listening to how they dealt with wins and losses are inspiring. Every topic in business is discussed during the podcasts such as building your clientele, dealing with investors, and reinventing your business. Lesson: Leadership is going for your dreams.   
  • Marketplace: This finance show is a daily show that will keep updated with the current economy and other finance news. The interviews and articles are well written that anyone can understand. The corner office segment interviews CEOs of large companies that offer insight on the economy and potential opportunities and threats. Lesson: Learn financial lingo to help you decipher your business. 

No matter what stage you are in your business, continue to develop your skills. Take time to attend professional development workshops that will continue to feed your soul and business. Studying how to become a successful leader is worth the time and money. As the year comes to an end, commit to one professional development goal.

Linda Diakite Karressy

Linda's mission is to empower, educate, train businesses to maximize their cash flow. Linda is Owner and President of Insight Financial Group, LLC that provides accounting services to businesses.

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