The Rise of the Freelancer

It seems as if we are traveling back in time. More and more women see becoming a freelancer even if they never leave their 9-5 as a way to explore more career options, sharpen their skill set or build new skills for future purposes.

People want to enjoy what they do, be more creative in their work as well as use other or new skills they have. Technology allows anyone to become a freelancer and still keep their 9-5 if they wish.

However, the rise of the freelancer is something the business world is taking note of. If you provide services, trainings, consulting, or coaching to this growing segment, an intimate national tour is a great way to reach them while establishing you as the expert they need to invest in.

You’re probably wondering why would freelancers even work with you? Well for many reasons. But mainly they need to understand the difference in mindset between employee and entrepreneur. Plus freelancers need to know how to market what they are doing without it interfering with their 9-5, if they still have one.

Now on the other hand if this person is a full time freelancer then they will need help navigating obtaining customers/clients, marketing themselves, using social media is this is new to them, keeping track of their finances, etc.

So as you can see you have the opportunity to really help freelancers in a significant way. You just have to know how to approach them and get them to see the value in investing in you as you help them grow their business.

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