The Staple Item for Business Travel

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If you live a jet-set life, chances are that you are always working between one airplane stop and the next. Often times, we forget that airports are full of other people doing business; an often untapped landmine of new business contacts.

Airports, and other commuter nodes are great places to get branding for your company through fashion. Here are some tips for using fashion to brand yourself while on the go:

  • Luggage: Your luggage is a great way to show your style, brand and keep track of your clothing while on business travel. Your luggage can be the same color as your business logo or can even have your business logo on it. Here is a great site to get personalized luggage. Nothing communicates boss more than a professional luggage and portfolio set.

  • Professional and Comfy Clothing: We all want to be comfortable while traveling and a great way to do that is by wearing a cardigan or  golf jacket with your company’s logo on it.

  • Headbands: If you plan on wearing a headband to keep from getting bedhead while sleeping on the plane, add your logo to it or make sure it is your company’s color. It is a great talking point and will be sure to grab attention. You can grab some here.

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