‘TrumpCare’ Expected to Negatively Affect Minority Women

Congressional Budget Office released their report on the impact of the bill which is expected to reduce insurance coverage for millions of people. As of Sunday 10 senators are now opposing the bill or have reservations about it. During Friday’s press conference Dean Heller states “This bill would mean a loss of coverage for millions of Americans and many Nevadans. I’m telling you right now, I cannot support a piece of legislation that takes insurance away from tens of millions of Americans, and hundreds of thousands of Nevadans.”

According to the Guttmacher Institute, about one-third of black women and a quarter of Latina women are Medicaid recipients and the number of women with insurance has risen with the help of the Affordable Care Act. Women of color, indigenous women, women with lower education and women living below the poverty line are at the highest risk for unintended pregnancies. Under the senate’s bill, Planned Parenthood will be defunded resulting in Women being forced to have babies they cannot afford followed by denying those babies affordable healthcare, this would also cut off many other resources for women.
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Ariana and her husband Kevin state it was quicker for them to take the 20 minute trip from El Centro, California to Mexicali, Mexico just to pick up her daily birth control. Ariana says

“If Planned Parenthood’s doors are shut, you’ll be driving your own constituents to an entirely different country in search of health care, and that’s not America.”

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Christina Carbajal

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I am a senior at Texas State University completing my degree in Communication Studies. I am 22 years old with a passion for all things media and women empowerment.

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