Walker’s Legacy Signs MOU with the Latino Business Action Network on Latina Equal Pay Day

Walker’s Legacy, the largest digital platform for women of color in business, signed an MOU agreement with the Latino Business Action Network (LBAN) as part of a shared commitment to Latina entrepreneurship nationwide. The organizations will be working together to advance and support opportunities for Latina women in business through joint educational and networking programs. LBAN collaborates with the Stanford Graduate School of Business to champion the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative.

To date, Latinas are the most adversely affected by the gender pay gap. No matter the occupation, location, education or experience level, Latinas are undercompensated across all industries. Despite being a driving force in economic growth and entrepreneurship, Latina women earn 54 cents to every white, non-Hispanic dollar and must work nearly 23 months to earn what white, non-Hispanic men make in 12 months. 

“We are excited to partner with the Latino Business Action Network to support Latina entrepreneurship,” said Natalie Madeira Cofield, Founder & CEO of Walker’s Legacy. “Although Latinas start businesses at a higher rate than anyone else, scaling those businesses has remained a challenge for many. This disparity not only hurts Latinas, but also their families and the local communities they support.”

Despite the challenges, entrepreneurship has increasingly become a way for Latinas to acquire wealth and financial stability. According to a new study funded by LBAN from the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative, Latina women now make up 44 percent of all Latino businesses. However, addressing these challenges and closing the wage gap will require year-round work. 

“The bottom line is Latina entrepreneurs are powering our new mainstream economy.  They are the embodiment of resilience, persistence, and determination. We are most energized about our strategic partnership with Walker’s Legacy to bolster and megaphone this emerged and catalytic force,” said Mark L. Madrid, CEO of LBAN.

Walker’s Legacy and Latino Business Action Network are committed to advancing opportunities for Latina women in business. Please stay tuned for forthcoming announcements of programming in 2020. 

If you are interested in partnering with Walker’s Legacy, please reach out to maria@walkerslegacy.com.

María Guillén

María is a National Urban Fellow with Walker's Legacy. She has worked in the areas of broadcasting, public relations, and community engagement. Specializing in multicultural communications, María has consulted with several local and national nonprofits. She received her Bachelor’s Degrees in Public Relations and Communication Studies from Rowan University. She is currently pursuing an MPM degree from Georgetown University.

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