What Will You Do This Election?

Dear Women of Walker’s Legacy:

As professional women in male-dominated fields, many of you may have your own experiences of overhearing inappropriate ‘locker-room talk’ in the workplace. Or worse, you may have experienced unwanted sexual advances or harassment by a more senior male member of your team or a potential client.

I founded Walker’s Legacy after a meeting where I experienced unwanted advances and felt lost because I did not have an accessible female mentor. That day, I vowed that I would build a platform to inspire and connect women to have the professional networks they need to flourish in career and entrepreneurship.

A recent Cosmopolitan study shows that 1 in 3 women aged 18 to 34 has experienced workplace sexual harassment.

If you are anything like me, watching this presidential election has surfaced feelings of disappointment, embarrassment, and uncertainty for the future of our country.

For the last month, television stations around the world have covered the recently released lewd comments and bragging of sexual harassment described by a front-running candidate for President of the United States of America, which has been followed by more women who have come forward about their experiences dealing with harassment and bullying.

As women of color, our vote is more important now than ever before.

The President of the United States sets the tone for their administration, our nation, and the world.


Please join me in this charge to ensure that women have an equal seat at the table and a voice that is respected and heard by letting the world know you do not stand for bigotry or misogyny.

Click here for polling information and to ensure your voice is counted today!


Natalie M. Cofield


Natalie Cofield


Entrepreneur, advocate, and speaker on all things business and diversity.

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