What's Love Got to Do With It? 3 Tell-Tale Signs You Don't Love Your Business

Everyone remembers the classic Tina Turner song, “What’s Love Got to do with it?” Well, when it comes to your business, love has everything to do with it. “Birthing” a business is indeed, a labor of love. [space]

Yet, once you launch it, it’s easy to forget that businesses need love to. It needs all the things you need to thrive and grow. So take the commitment to give your business some much needed love and avoid these 3 things entrepreneurs do to “hate their business.” [space]

So often, others strive to be the next Oprah or the next big name, not recognizing the real value lies in just being themselves. The most successful entrepreneurs are usually the most authentic. When you can “take off” pretenses and embrace who you really are, you instantly connect to your greatness. [space]

“Taking it off” means being authentic and letting go of ego, self ridicule and comparisons. When you can be who you are, versus trying to be who someone else is, the need to be rich, liked, endorsed, accepted or recognized does not control you. Only then can you open the doors for unlimited success. [space]

The five senses apply to your business to! As kids we were taught to look but don’t touch, however, in the business world, the opposite holds true. [space]

You can look at spread sheets, profit projections and marketing plans all day. But what really impacts your business is your ability to touch and connect with consumers. [space] In today’s marketplace, engagement is everything. Profitability requires you to connect your brand to the people in innovative ways. Find out what your target consumer desires, and give it to them. The ability to do that opens the door to increased sales and influence. [space]

Protection is not optional! Think about it. You install alarms to protect your home, lock doors to protect your car and create pass codes to protect your phone. But, what have you done to protect yourself? [space]

Operating as a sole proprietor is not smart. You need a protective business structure (like an LLC, Partnership or Corporation) that protects your personal assets from your business assets. [space] When you operate as a sole proprietor, the law makes no distinction between you and your business. So if the business is sued, you are sued. If creditors get a judgment against your business, they also get a judgment against you. It’s best to always start smart and seek legal guidance on which business structure is best for you. [space]

So remember, love your business. Give it the time, commitment and foundation it needs to be the success you created it to be. Be authentic, engage your consumers and protect your assets! [space]


Teri N. Harrison is the Managing Partner of the Tennessee Business Law Center and CEO & Founder of Fearless & Fabulous Worldwide. www.ffworldwide.com. Follow her @teriharrison. Facebook: Teri Nichole Harrison.


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