Why Your Mindset Can Make You Richer

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Even as recently as five years ago, my best friends and I would often sit around and muse about how fantastic it would be to marry a fabulously wealthy man who could fund all of our entrepreneurial ambitions and the adventurous lifestyles we craved. Oddly enough, we were graduate students in professional programs at top schools, which were preparing us for fancy six-figure jobs. We didn’t picture ourselves becoming independently wealthy. However, a creative life of wealth and freedom was a dream we imagined we would reach through our partners.

It only took one long-term relationship with a fellow Harvard graduate who was unemployed for nearly a year to snap me out of my fantasies of being a kept woman. Watching my then-boyfriend struggle to pay his bills while my own savings dwindled to nothing made me determined to become rich on my own accord. I realized that it was no one else’s responsibility to take care of me or fund my dreams. If I wanted to be wealthy and free, the onus was on me. A partner who could share in this with me would be icing on the cake, but it was no longer my plan.

Knowing how to effectively save, manage, and grow your money are all very important parts of being rich and being your own boyfriend. Unfortunately, this is not something that I can teach you because I’m still in the beginning stages of learning how to do it well myself! However, I am proud to say that after two full years of being a struggling writer and entrepreneur, I don’t depend on a partner or my parents to fund my dreams or my daily life.

With the help of bookkeeping software and my CPA, I keep track of my personal and business expenses and take care of my taxes. I’ve gone from struggling to pay my rent to being an employer, and that feels great. For sound financial advice I can actually follow, I look to practical, tough love money experts like Suze Orman and Ramit Sethi. Websites like LearnVest, founded by my former Harvard classmate Alexa Von Tobel, provide personal finance and money education for women. These are all great resources for the money skills I am not yet qualified to teach you.

While my budgeting, saving, and investing skills are still a work in progress, my ability to manifest money is quite strong. This, my friend, I am excited and highly qualified to teach you. My main income for the last two years has been helping people get into top graduate schools, which means most of my money came in the form of new clients. Whenever I wanted an influx of money, I followed a series of steps that I developed through self-education and my own money manifestation experiences. Old-school texts like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles taught me the secret to using the Universe like my own personal ATM.

I manifest money by creating an environment of financial abundance and gratitude. en I answer a series of simple questions and take consistent and deliberate action based on my responses to those questions.

Step #1: Create an environment of financial abundance

Conventional personal finance wisdom says that you should “pay yourself first,” meaning that you should put money aside in your savings before paying regular monthly bills. When it comes to manifesting money, there is a third step after paying yourself first and paying your regular bills second, which is to pay your creditors third. For example, manifesting money for a trip to Oahu when you’ve owed your parents $2,000 for over a year skips that part of the equation. You cannot expect the Universe to freely deliver money to you when you keep from others money that is owed to them. erefore, to put myself in a money manifestation mindset, I make a list of the people to whom I owe money so that I can make sure I pay them before asking the Universe to pay me.

For example, if I want to manifest money to take a $300 French class, I first make sure that I am current on my payments to my book editor and publicity consultant. You can still manifest money if you have outstanding debts. Just make sure you have established a clear payment plan that both parties agree upon, and that you are current on those payments. If you are behind on payments or owe someone money, increase the amount of your ask (the amount of money you want to manifest) so that you can pay yourself first, pay your regular bills second, and pay your creditors next.

After paying my creditors, I create a physical environment of financial abundance by clearing my home office, purse, and email inbox of clutter. ese are all portals through which I oen receive money. By decluttering my living space, work space, purse, and email inbox, I am creating physical space and mental calm with which to accept the money I expect to receive. When decluttering, I often come across checks I’ve forgotten to cash (for shame!), an abundance of loose change, and old bills that need to be shredded. As you prepare to receive the money you want, deposit those checks, put those coins in a pretty jar, and shred or file that old paperwork. Creating physical and mental space tells the Universe that you are ready to accept more.

Step #2: Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

It’s easy to focus on what you don’t have or how much life will be better when you finally get what you want. However, being conscious of the many privileges you enjoy now elevates your thoughts, which helps you recognize the financial opportunities that are already in front of you. An attitude of gratitude focused on thanking God or the Universe for what you are about to receive  rather than begging for what you want is more effective in bringing you what you want.

Write out a list of the various things you are already grateful for, regardless of whether they are related to money. Read the list out loud with enthusiasm, conviction, and a happy heart. Then add to your gratitude list what you expect to receive. Write out the statements as if you already have them and read them aloud with the joy you will have when it comes true.

Step #3: Get clear and specific

Now that you have made mental and physical space to receive your new money, you are ready to make it happen.  The six steps to materializing your new money are coming soon!

How will you start incorporating more gratitude into your daily life?

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