Local Woman-Owned Bakery Receives a Sweet Surprise From Walmart


After a restless 18-hour drive to Bentonville, AK, a local bakery receives an offer of a lifetime; the chance to have their products on the shelves of 250 Walmart stores.

April Richardson, founder of DC Sweet Potato Cake received an immediate “yes” at Walmart’s fourth annual U.S. Manufacturing Open Call. But what made this small local bakery different from over 500 other companies who represented their product? Richardson states that her approach was unique; she made sure she sold a story rather than a product. “Given 30 minutes to pitch, I only focused 10 minutes on the product itself. I did my pitch this way because I figured when people know and like you, they simply want to see you win.”

Richardson’s success didn’t come easy. Before Sweet Potato there was Delectable Cakery LLC., which opened in 1998, but it was on the verge of eviction when Richardson arrived. As a strong entrepreneur who knew that she had to make a change, Richardson worked tirelessly for a year reaching out to local and national companies as well as close friends in hopes of support. Richardson thanks her team, for without them, that year could’ve taken a turn for the worst. Today, Richardson looks back on moments such as that one and is grateful for that small tribulation that has brought her to where she is now.

DC Sweet Potato Cake fell under the 25% of women-owned companies that received an offer, which is a tremendous achievement.

Keep an eye out for DC Sweet Potato Cake products at your local Walmart and continue to support small businesses!

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