Wrap it Up: How the Belt Can Up Your Style Game


{photo: bauergriffinonline.com}
{photo: bauergriffinonline.com}

Think about a few of your favorite pieces ~ a dress, a tee that is worn in just right, or even that skirt that hugs and grips in just the right places. Chances are that your favorite piece can have a second life with the addition of one simple thing ~ a belt.

Belts are the wardrobe essential that gives athletic figures their shape ~ that gives the curvy girls that extra boom! ~ and that gives a ho-hum look the required finish to make it sing. Belts are unsung heroes that hold or bring it together when even the fliest of handbags cannot.

What’s more, as we go into fall, we’ll be doing more layers and more cozy sweaters. All that equals are more potential pitfalls as we get dressed. A well-intentioned cozy knit with our denim can become a “cocoon” that leaves us looking like we’re giving birth instead of life to the outfit! [Enter stage left] With a fabulous wide belt and that comfy knit sweater now becomes exactly what it was meant to be ~ a warm layer that offers protection and style chicness and femininity in spite of its bulk.

I have a few favorites that I love because they can translate across outfits, dress up and down, and are friendly no matter how many cupcakes we ate!

  1. Wrap belt
  2. Tabbed leather belt
  3. Tie-front belt

babylon wrap belt tabbed leather belt tie front leather belt

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