5 Ways to Survive Mompreneur(ing) During Covid-19

The word mompreneur is not a new term, but the pandemic of 2020 is making this term a reality for many working moms. Before the pandemic, many of us were already building empires and writing smiley faces on lunch box notes. But now there is no school, no summer camps, or any real adult time. We, the moms, must figure out ways to raise children, handle husbands and negotiate business deals and transactions. In the midst of the chaos, we have to unwind and find peace. Here are 5 tried and true ways (me and my friends vent often) to survive mommy-hood and stay sane:

1. Create daily schedules: By creating schedules, one for work and one for family, you will be able to stay on track and get more done. Children, all of us really need to know what is planned for the day; we cannot just do whatever, it won’t be productive.

2. Eat and drink water:  Moms tend to care for everyone but themselves. However, this behavior is counterproductive. You must have energy and eat nutritious foods and drink water. This is vastly important. Moms please eat and drink your 8 glasses of water!!

3. Rest: Plan a time to rest, even take a nap if possible. Working from home, washing clothes, parenting, and Zoom meetings can be exhausting. You need time to rest during the day to keep going.

4. Girl Chat: Steal moments within your day to chat with your friends. Complain, vent, scream, cry, and express your true feelings. It is OK to say you don’t like your family on any particular day! Your feelings are natural. Love them? YES! Annoyed by them? Absolutely a valid emotion. Tomorrow will be a better day!

5. Smile: No matter what the problem may be or how sucky the day has been, SMILE. You are OK, your family is OK and your business is thriving (no matter the amount of the progress, small is still progress). We are all proud of you. Keep pushing Mom!

And if none of this helps, just drink wine and leave the clothes in the basket and try again tomorrow!

Felicia Young

Mother, educator, entrepreneur and higher education professional

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